The Obligatory Star Wars Trailer Post

I have no idea if the film will be any good or not. Like the prequels (which I enjoyed more than most) it has a towering legacy to live up to. And I’m not sure I trust JJ Abrams. That having been said, the trailer pushes all the right buttons. For two minutes, I felt like I was a 11 years old again.

You can also watch John Boyega and his family react to the trailer. Boyega, like all the cast, is under strict edict not to disclose any details (he famously tweeted that his dad was making him wash all the dishes as punishment). So his reaction to the reveal of him holding a light saber is priceless.

I bring this up not just for Star Wars. I bring it up because of Lee. For those of you who don’t know, Lee worked in special effects. One of the films he worked on was Attack of the Clones. I think Jim may know the details, but Lee had a moment when he too realized his name was on a Star Wars movie. And I imagine his reaction was quite similar, whatever one thinks of the quality of the movie.

Star Wars is the closet the USA has come to creating a complete universe like Middle Earth or Narnia. It’s more fantasy world than sci-fi world. Let’s hope that Abrams is worthy of the legacy.

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  1. evanshrugged

    Great tribute. I never quite understood why Lee was doing graphic design in China. What an incredible thing to be a part of though.

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  2. admin

    Multiple moments!

    First was one day we’re on the phone just jibber-jabbering and he goes “Oh, I got on the SW project.” Like it weren’t no thing. Then he laughed that big laugh and was like MOTHERFUCKER I AM WORKING ON A STAR WAS MOVIE! Dude, my name will be in the credits.” We were excited.

    Then, I was in San Fransisco when it opened and we went, a huge group of us, and we all stayed to see his name scroll by. I swear that sonofabitch teared up. Then he turned to me and said “Yeah, I know, the movie wasn’t your favorite, I can tell, but the effects were fucking outstanding.” Yeah they were. That was some A-level rotoscoping :D

    I miss that goddamned sonofabitch.

    Evan, he got an offer to lead a team, with the idea that this company was trying to position themselves as the Chinese ILM or DigitalDomain. There was nothing BUT growth for him with the Chinese company, as they had project after project already lined up (not a lot of truly great effects houses in China, even today). It was gonna be a long while before a US company offered him that kind of freedom, leadership and commensurate pay.

    Of course if he’d stayed at home…but shit in one hand and wish in the other and see which one fills up first, right?

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