Yes, We Care About Your Damned E-Mails

Here’s a question for the floor. If the Clinton scandal is a phony baloney Republican scandal … if it’s true that we don’t care about Clinton’s damned e-mails … if it’s true that there’s nothing to hide …

Why does Clinton continue to lie her ass off about it? I’m being serious here. Clinton must surely know that the media are going to bury any real scandal. She must surely know that her voters don’t care. As I said before, she could strangle a puppy on live TV and the Democratic Party would still support her.

A few years ago, Gregg Easterbrook pointed out that the Clintons lie even when they don’t have to; even when honesty would be better than lying. It’s almost like the enjoy lying. Like this is a big game to them.

Remember something important: at the Democratic debate, Clinton said the enemy she was most proud of is the Republicans. This is a game. And it’s a game we will play over and over for the next four years if we are foolish enough to elect her.

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  1. Christopher

    What’s your opinion on her connection to the events in Benghazi?  The reason that I’m asking is that I didn’t really follow the story that much, so I don’t know what the current status of that is.  What little that I did follow consisted mostly of Democrats defending her and her cohorts on the grounds that similar events allegedly happened during Bush’s presidency.

    In any case, if they want anyone to believe that the e-mail thing is a Republican fabrication, they’ll have to explain how even Vice is calling her out on this:

    And I don’t think that they’ll be able to claim that the author of that article is a conservative or a libertarian.  After all, he recently wrote this stupid article on guns:

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  2. Hal_10000 *

    I think she bears responsibility for the mistakes that led to Benghazi. The conspiracy theories are a bit much but we don’t need to go there. This was the war she pushed for, the man she appointed and the requests for more security she ignored.

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