The Nerds are Coming!


A post from Xetrov?  Don’t get too excited.  It’s a short one.  Travel at my new job has reached insane levels.  I just wanted to share something.

Here’s an article I found interesting on how technology and the era of “Big Data” is changing Presidential Elections.  Particularly, how technology and tech insiders helped elect Obama, and how Clinton backers from Google are implementing plans to put her in the White House.  As the article says:

At a time when private-sector money is flowing largely unchecked into US politics, Schmidt’s funding of the Groundwork suggests that 2016’s most valuable resource may not be donors capable of making eight-figure donations to Super PACs, but rather supporters who know how to convince talented engineers to forsake (at least for awhile) the riches of Silicon Valley for the rough-and-tumble pressure cooker of a presidential campaign.

Fascinating, if not slightly worrying stuff.

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  1. AlexInCT

    Wait a minute? Are you telling me that 1%ers in the Tech industry that have been vastly enriched by the monpolisitic shit democrats push are helping elect more democrats to power? And here I though that it was the republican party that was the party of the rich people…

    Yeah, sure.

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