Oregon Shooting

Yesterday, we had another mass shooting, this time at a community college in Oregon. You know what happened next. Before we even knew how many people were dead, Barack Obama was giving an angry press conference, blasting Second Amendment advocates and calling for more gun control, whether or not it had any relevance to this incident. Liberals, predictably, loved it.

The blogosphere has filled with the usual array of anti-gun deceptions and distortions. So here’s a free guide to the facts:

  • Gun violence is way, way down, not up. We are at violence rates we have not seen since the 1950’s. This has happened without any significant gun control.
  • Mass shootings are not rising, not how matter how much people try to pretend they are. What’s changed is not the frequency of shootings; what’s changed is the instant politicization of it. Past Presidents did not address the media before the bodies were even cold to demand more gun control.
  • When Barack Obama says these events don’t happen in other countries, he is wrong.
  • When people say there have been masses of school shootings, they are wrong.
  • It’s Friday, so they are probably out there saying “all the studies” show that gun control works. This is not true. It’s totally not true.
  • By the weekend, they’ll be back to complaining that the NRA has blocked any research into guns. This is also not true. The study linked above was funded by the Bloomberg school. Only federal funds are blocked. And given the shenanigans the CDC and EPA have been up to with public health issues, I don’t think that’s completely unreasonable.
  • Australia will be dragged out as an example of what we should do. Keep in mind two things. First, after Australia banned guns, their rate of gun violence did come down. So did ours. Faster. Second, Australia took away millions of guns. When people cite Australia as an example, they’re not talking about background checks. They are talking about taking away millions of guns.

One last thing. I hate doing this. I hate that when there is a horrible tragedy, I have to take up my keyboard and answer this stuff. But the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. The Left takes the floor to cry out for gun control — no matter what the facts on the ground — after every single tragedy. They know, on some level, that what they’re suggesting would have, at most, a minor effect. But they can’t resist it because gun control is basically a moot issue. It’s not happening. So they feel they must exploit every tragedy to try to crack the edifice of the Second Amendment.

It’s hard to blame them if they honestly believe that gun control works. But then it’s hard to blame us when we points out … that it doesn’t.

That’s all I’m going to say on this subject. I’d much rather mourn the dead. And praise the heroes.

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  1. richtaylor365

    Good post, Hal, well done.

    I remember the Sandy Hook shooting. A comment I made, ripping Obama for being such a lite weight pussy for needing a telepromptr in his woefully inadequate attempt to sooth the nation, garnered my one and only “comment hidden due to low rating”. And he is doing it again, politicizing the shooting, and getting ALL of his facts wrong in the process. What a contrast to what Nikki Haley did right after the SC church shooting, a heart felt conciliatory gesture to comfort. Obama is such a coward.

    Given this administration’s (and by extension Justice/State/FBI) penchant for ignoring radical Islamic violence, will we ever learn the truth bout this guys ties to Islamic extremism? Singling out Christians for death, yep, right out of the Sharia playbook.

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  2. repmom

    “‘One last thing. I hate doing this.”

    “That’s all I’m going to say on this subject. I’d much rather mourn the dead. And praise the heroes.”

    And if our President had done the same, at least for one day, you wouldn’t have had to write this post.

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  3. Christopher

    Gun control advocates aren’t the reasonable type.  They’re essentially pseudoscientists.  Admittedly, I’ve seen some do better than others at debating their points; there are a few who at least try to seem somewhat more professional, such as those guys over The Trace (don’t get me wrong, those guys are still idiots; I’m just saying that they do a better job than the CSGV does), but most of them can’t go one sentence without spouting off some logical fallacy.

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  4. Technomad

    To gun controllers, it’s all about the feels.  They feel that guns are inherently bad, and that nobody outside of the Anointed Few should have them.  Facts won’t change their minds.  It’s like trying to talk sense to someone in lurrve with a wrong’un.


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  5. Hal_10000 *

    Gun control advocates aren’t the reasonable type.  They’re essentially pseudoscientists

    It’s religion.  Nothing gets me savaged in a comments section more than defending gun rights and letting the hype out of the anti-gun-nuts claims.  Over at OTB, I’ve been accused of not caring if children die as long as I can stroke my guns.  This is how people respond to kicking a sacred cow.

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  6. Hal_10000 *

    Oh, also have to love that Obama is being praised for milking a tragedy while Bush is being falsely tarred with saying “stuff happens” in regard to the shootings.  If you read his comments, he’s clearly talking about not having knee-jerk reactions to tragedies.

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  7. Hal_10000 *

    I think the oddest part is we constantly hear, “Why can’t we have a reasonable debate about gun control?!”  But we did have that debate.  And the gun controllers lost.  What they really mean is, “Why won’t the country do what we want?”  What the really means is that “being reasonable” translates from liberal into english as “agreeing with me.”

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  8. Rick Macherat

    Want to understand Roseburg and all the rest? Stop a moment and think of all the ways this isn’t 1955. A colossus of 322 million people cannot try to function like a small town in a faraway place.  It doesn’t work, will never work and it is only going to get a whole lot worse.

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    After  every high profile shooting, the Anti gun brigade  gets out and dances in the blood, demanding action, laws and regulations. They are vgue on the details and shifty on the purpose of such. they  hint   that anyone opposing such actions are  monsters or  just plain evil and in the pocked of BIG GUN. Every Blog post  on the subject devolves into accusations of hate bigotry, racism sexual innuendos of small penis size and such.    The sound and fury is all there is.  all designed and constructed to make the gun owners into the most horrible people in the world.  caricature of  a typical TV show/Movie depiction of a rural redneck person,as inbred deviant gun totting slobbering barley able to control them selves monster  ready to haul the pretty city kids off to a  slaughterhouse .

    That is what they see us owners as.

    its a Culture war, one group that have willing given themselves  heart and soul to the state.and just cannot fathom  why anyone would not be with them on this issue.

    bah.. this crap is insane, i really try to be civil and forthright, but  it is trying  when is see such plain ignorance used  to support a position that does nothing  to quell these  rampages by a person with hate in their heart and blood in their eye.

    One thing i have noticed  about  this shooting is the uter lack of detail on the shooter background life  family ect.. The Media usually dive deep into the person life extracting every bit of detail for t he world to see, assuming hes what they expect.

    In the media hes  a white power , conservative, who hates relgion, though he just as black as Obama, seems to be taken with the concepts of violent resistance of armed terrorist groups, and  singled out Christan  for killing…..  had it been Muslims  or black people  ..you know the drill, the media would have been various over it, look at the SC TV shooting  for one, see how quick that left the medias radar screen.,..one look at his background and poof, they moved on.

    I jsut worry that Obama knowing that he doesn’t have to get reelected, and  seem not to care whom may  follow him , might jsut go and do something  massively stupid and force some kind of executive rules . just out of spite….

    oh well wait and see.

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  10. InsipiD

    Gun control advocates aren’t the reasonable type.  They’re essentially pseudoscientists
    It’s religion.

    That’s the way for a lot of liberal policies.  When you’ve decided that there is no God, it’s awfully easy to decide that your own opinions are now your religion.

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  11. Hal_10000 *

    I was looking back at my Sandy Hook post and think I said all that I needed to say about this.  We shouldn’t give up on stopping these events. But we also have to realize that we are a large country with enormous freedom and a trusting society.  These wolves can move among us like sheep.

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  12. Nobody

    Fuck all…

    Australia’s population = roughly 23 million.

    U.S. Population  = roughly 330 million

    Large means more than just geographic area.  And even at that, your cute little maps ignores Alaska, the largest state in the union (geographically).

    In the context of this actual discussion, which do you think is actually relevant, population or square miles?

    Fuck stick #2…,


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  13. AlexInCT

    Gun control laws only and always serve to punish law abiding citizens and to empower tyrannical entities. Criminals will never have problems getting armed, and tyrants can’t do their shit if the citizenry can fight back.

    And CM always wants to bring up Australia, but I say that argument is bunk. I prefer to look at the crime statistics for countries like Australia, Brazil, Venezuela, or Great Britain, where the criminal element isn’t just out of control because the citizenry can’t protect itself, but where the government actively lies about how out of control crime is. And also look at how well being disarmed works for the people in Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba, or China. The left here would love to replicate what’s going on there here in the US, and with an armed citizenry that’s not gonna work out well.

    Our problem with gun violence in the US is that 50 years of bullshit victimhood leftard policies and practices have created a ton of idiots like this one that feel they have a right to whatever they want, and when that doesn’t happen, they snap and kill others to get their 15 minutes of fame. Denying law abiding citizens the ability to protect themselves from tyrants and criminals only surfaces as a good way to try to solve the underlying problem created by the very people wanting to ban guns, when there is an ulterior agenda.

    I get it: leftists fear guns and people with guns because they can’t control them. That’s why they immediately try to take advantage of these tragedies to push for gun control, only to watch it all peter out when their attempts to fool people circles back to make it obvious that the problem isn’t the right to bear arms, but the stupid leftist shit that has create evil fucks like the one that did this shit.

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  14. Xetrov

    So in 1850 with a population of 25 million, the US was not a “large  country” in your view.  Fascinating.

    At what point does a country become “large” to you?  Is Brazil a “large country” with a population of 200 million?  How about Great Britain with 64 million?  France, with 66 million?  Canada with 35 million?

    And upon for ther thought – does that mean India would be considered “Extra Extra Large” with 1.25 Billion people, and China would be “XXX Large” with 1.35 Billion people?  Do you have a chart, so we know for sure just what the hell your ambiguous determination of “Large” means?

    I’m a “fuck stick” because you didn’t clarify and made an idiotic statement.  Ok.  You go on with your bad self.

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  15. Christopher

    There’s something else about Australia that I think might be worth noting.  While they did have a cluster of mass murders over the course of the 1980s, what I never hear mentioned from gun control advocates is the fact that at the time of the Port Arthur massacre (in 1996), that was the first mass shooting that they had had in four years.  The previous one that I could find record of was the Central Coast massacre in 1992.  So, it seems like that spate of mass murders had already slowed down significantly by the time of the Port Arthur massacre and the subsequently-passed legislation.

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  16. Hal_10000 *

     So, it seems like that spate of mass murders had already slowed down significantly by the time of the Port Arthur massacre and the subsequently-passed legislation

    Australia’s homicide rate was falling before Port Arthur and fell even further afterward.  As did ours.  In fact, the US murder rate fell further, as a percentage, than Australia did.

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  17. CM

    And CM always wants to bring up Australia

    I don’t believe I ever have (just like I never refer to Somalia as a libertaritard paradise, no matter what Seattle Outcast will have you believe). In fact I haven’t even advocated gun control in the US (it’s a specific issue to the US, and different to elsewhere because of your Constitution). The ‘pffffft’ was in relation to the idea that there is no freedom in Australia. But don’t let that stop you. I’ll keep standing right off to the side so I don’t drown in this avalanche of mouth-froth. Fuck stick(s) indeed.

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  18. Nobody

    I’m a “fuck stick” because…

    …you’re unable to grasp the context of a discussion, and chose do defend CM’s asinine nonsense.

    I don’t believe I ever have…

    Hal_10000 brought up Australia only to say that liberals/gun grabbers always bring up Australia, which is exactly what you did in this thread.  Hal_10000 also noted that we are a “large country with enormous freedom”, so, using sarcasm, you bring up Australia as a comparable example.  Note to backwards Vortex:  The U.S.A. is large compared to Australia in terms of population.  That’s all that matters. Your meaningless rant would do any liberal proud.

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  19. CM

    Hal_10000 brought up Australia only to say that liberals/gun grabbers always bring up Australia, which is exactly what you did in this thread.

    Ah no I didn’t, meatdrapes, I mocked the claim that gun laws = no freedom. As usual it descends quickly into binary – you can apparently have either “enormous” freedoms, or none at all.

    You’re embarrassing yourself again.

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  20. Nobody

    Ah no I didn’t…

    Yup, that’s the perfect way to win a debate, just deny stuff.  Works for all libs, it seems.

     I mocked the claim that gun laws = no freedom.

    By bringing up Australia.

    And the guy on Fox News was just making a quip:

    Guy #1:  “Look at Australia! They have no gun violence, they don’t have guns, citizens aren’t allowed to have guns…”

    Guy #2:  They also have no freedom — you can go to prison for expressing unpopular views in Australia, and people do.

    Is Guy #2 actually claiming that Australia is a totalitarian police state like, say, North Korea?  Maybe to you.  He IS saying that they have a lot less freedom than we do.  It’s just an out-of-context quip, kinda like Obama’s “you didn’t build that”.  It’s just pattern-following:

    They have no guns…

    They also have no freedom…

    Yeah, technically he should’ve said “they have a lot less freedom”, but again, it was simply a heat-of-the-moment exchange, and “they have no freedom” would emphasize the point more.   I’m sure you’d squeal like a stuck pig if someone takes Obama’s “you didn’t build that” out of context, but seem quite comfortable reading in more than is actually there with “they also have no freedom”…

    But then, you probably know this already, and are just being an ass.

    Oh, and binary.

    You’re embarrassing yourself again.

    Well, I’m embarrassed for you.  But yeah, keep telling yourself whatever helps you sleep at night, cupcake.

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  21. Nobody

    Oh, okay, so the whole point was nothing more than dumping on Fox News over a stupid remark.  Stupid remarks are made all the time by all news outlets, so why bring up this one?

    Oh, because Australia.  Which CM never brings up.  But I am the one shitting on the chess board.  Got it.

    CM, Vortex, perhaps you two need some alone time together.


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