Walker Out

With his poll numbers dipping near 1%, Scott Walker has apparently ended his Presidential campaign. This is kind of surprising. Walker was an early favorite (as attested by the numerous idiotic MSM hit pieces on him) and was the front-runner as recently as April. There are numerous post-mortems out there, many asking if he peaked “too soon”. I think it’s pretty straight-forward. He had a poorly run campaign, flip-flopped on the issues (especially immigration) and pandered too obviously. He was one of several candidates who suffered from trying to outcrazy Trump.

Walker won’t be the last to drop out. Graham, Santorum and Jindal can’t keep up this pretense for much longer. Christie, Kasich, Paul, Cruz and Huckabee are lingering, but I doubt their appeal will grow so I expect at least two of those guys to drop out by the end of the year.

Right now, Trump is still in the lead, although his support has tailed off a bit. Carson is also starting to tail off while Fiorina is rising rapidly. But I’ll stand by my earlier prediction: the nominee will probably be Bush or Rubio. As we get closer to the election, experience will begin to matter more and more to the voters. And they are the most experience and the most Presidential among the second-tier candidates.

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  1. InsipiD

    Walker leaving the races is dumb.  At this point, it’s really time that Trump has to leave.  He’s brought some stuff up and made sure that things were addressed, but we’ve got to have serious people on the ticket.  Dropping out before Trump immediately diminishes any future role.

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  2. Hal_10000 *

    It wasn’t just the polls.  Donor money has dried up and his campaign is in disarray.  I think the qualification for a candidate this year will be surviving the Trump storm.

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  3. Starving Writer

    Walker was one of the candidates where I would’ve supported if they didn’t pander to the religious nutcases regarding marriage equality.  There’s a few Republican candidates I’d consider more seriously if they’d just ditch the religious right bullshit.  As it stands right now, there’s absolutely no one in the entire Republican field that I’d even consider voting for.   Sad considering that at one point there were at least 15 candidates.

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  4. CM

    No doubt Soros is throwing some money around, but does it matter so much to him who wins that nomination, and is it really even a contest anyway?

    The Kochs will trump Trump. There’s no way they’ve spent all that time and money building that infrastructure (I think they called it a “vertically and horizontally integrated strategy”) to let another 4 years go by. It’s Jeb, Marco, or Ted.

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