Clinton on Education: MAWR MONEY!

One of the reason I harp on Trump: Hillary Clinton is slowly unveiling her ideas for running the country. And they are terrible:

Today, Hillary Clinton is beginning the launch of her plan to allegedly make college more accessible to Americans without forcing them into huge loads of debt. Her plan has a price tag estimate of $350 billion over 10 years.

Half that money would be granted to states that agree to increase their own education spending with the goal of having “no loan” four-year degrees. It would be made for by tax hikes on the rich, as always.

This is mind-bogglingly stupid. The reason college costs have gone up so dramatically is because of the bottomless promise of the Feds to pay for it. Yes, states have cut the amount they spend on higher ed. But between grants and loans, the Feds have more than made up for it. And by simply pouring trainloads of money into higher ed, the Feds have eliminated any incentive for efficiency.

It gets worse. A substantial amount of the money would be used to encourage colleges to do the very thing that has made higher education so expensive:

To improve the nation’s 60 percent college graduation rate, Clinton would offer grants to schools that invest in child care, emergency financial aid and other interventions to boost completion. Students entering college are older and have more family responsibilities than those a generation ago, yet many institutions have been slow to respond to their needs. Investing in on-campus support systems could help, as could Clinton’s proposal to allow federal student aid to be used for online career training programs offering badges or certificates, rather than degrees.

In other words, Clinton wants college to invest yet more money in administration. This is precisely the problem higher education is having. Over the last two decades, faculty hires have been flat. Many universities now depend on adjunct faculty who are poorly paid. Meanwhile, the number of administrator have soared as have their salaries. And yet Clinton wants them to do more of this.

So, under Clinton, we would basically spend $350 billion to do … exactly what we’ve been doing for the last twenty years. And this is the best the Democratic Party has to offer right now.

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  1. Xetrov

    Blatantly buying votes.  And it demonstrates that she’s either ignorant of how federal money in higher education has influenced tuition to skyrocket (idiocy), or worse, knows it, and is pushing for this anyway to buy votes (downright lunacy).

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  2. AlexInCT

    Vote buyers gotta buy votes…

    And these idiot kids thinking they will be getting a free lunch have no idea that what this new promise means is that the cost of that education will now jump up once more as government subsidies prevent market forces from ever addressing the runamuck insane growth in cost.

    Instead of having to borrow $60K a year to get what will at best be a left wing indoctrination leaving them totally unprepared for the real world, they will soon be paying $72K a year to be slaves to the left.

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  3. Technomad

    We’ve been shoveling money into the bottomless maw of education for decades now, and the Happy Warriors of Squandermania have burned it up and yelled for more.  Time to starve the beast.

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