Walker Vindicated … Again

Color me surprised:

Dealing Gov. Scott Walker a victory just as his presidential campaign gets underway, the Wisconsin Supreme Court in a sweeping decision Thursday ruled the governor’s campaign and conservative groups had not violated campaign finance laws.

The ruling means the end of the investigation, which has been stalled for 18 months after a lower court judge determined no laws were violated even if Walker’s campaign and the groups had worked together as prosecutors believe.

This is the infamous “John Doe” investigation where government agents basically had an ongoing far-reaching investigation that involved, essentially, harassing Walker’s supporters and any other conservatives within reach with midnight raids, gag orders and endless investigation:

In international law, the Western world has become familiar with a concept called “lawfare,” a process whereby rogue regimes or organizations abuse legal doctrines and processes to accomplish through sheer harassment and attrition what can’t be accomplished through legitimate diplomatic means. The Palestinian Authority and its defenders have become adept at lawfare, putting Israel under increasing pressure before the U.N. and other international bodies. The John Doe investigations are a form of domestic lawfare, and our constitutional system is ill equipped to handle it. Federal courts rarely intervene in state judicial proceedings, state officials rarely lose their array of official immunities for the consequences of their misconduct, and violations of First Amendment freedoms rarely result in meaningful monetary damages for the victims.

Investigators would conduct armed police raids on the houses of Wisconsin conservatives. They seized computers, phones and as many documents as they could get their hands on. They then issued gag orders preventing the targets their neighbors what was going on. All this because of supposed violation of campaign finance laws; laws we now know were not broken.

You can read more from the WSJ:

For the past few days, I’ve been talking to the targets of the task force of Milwaukee Democratic prosecutors, the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board and Special Prosecutor Francis Schmitz. Their experiences, on the record here for the first time, reveal the nasty political sweep of an investigation that invaded privacy with surveillance of email accounts, raided homes with armed law enforcement, and swarmed individuals with subpoenas demanding tens of thousands of documents while insisting on secrecy.

Gabriel Malor shows just how empty this investigation was:

The theory of the prosecutor’s case was that conservative groups had illegally coordinated with candidates for office by means of issue advocacy. Applying well-settled principles of election law, the Wisconsin high court holds that this goes too far because “[d]iscussion of issues cannot be suppressed simply because the issues may also be pertinent in an election.” The courts have long treated express advocacy—that is, speech directly supporting a candidate for election—as wholly separate from issue advocacy—that is, speech about political issues. The court explains that, insofar as the Wisconsin statute purports to regulate issue advocacy the way that it does express advocacy, it is overbroad and vague under both the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and Wisconsin’s own Article 1, Section 3.

Read the whole thing. The judges were brutal on the prosecutors saying their investigation was “unsupported by reason” and “employed theories of law that do not exist in order to investigate citizens who were wholly innocent of any wrongdoing”. This isn’t just saying there’s no evidence; this is saying the investigation was a complete travesty designed entirely to harass Wisconsin conservatives.

The Democrats had a lot riding on this. Just a few months ago, they were writing smug posts on how the John Doe investigation was going to crush Walker’s Presidential campaign. Now the investigation is in ruins, their slimy tactics open for the world to see.

I am honestly amazed by what we’ve seen in Wisconsin. Vicious election fights. Recall elections. The legislature fleeing the state. An aggressive intrusive useless investigation from the people who’ve spent the last decade vilifying Ken Starr for his “politicized investigations” that … um … produced thirty felony convictions.

And all of this just to get one governor. What the heck?

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  1. AlexInCT

    This behavior was not limited to Wisconsin and Walker and perpetrated by state party officials: it has been the SOP for every democrat apparatchik in the age of Obama. When Obama said he would sick the IRS on those that he had put on his target list, most assumed he was joking. But the donkey still want to pretend that’s not been the plan from the start.

    No administration – not even that of Jimmy Carter – has proven more inept than this one. And no administration has ever been as corrupt and despicable as this one. Nixon was run out of office for far less than these crooks have been up to.

    What is surprising to me is that so far the system has not allowed the criminals to get away with what they have been doing in Wisconsin, unlike it has been in most other donkey strongholds and at the federal level. Walker must be golden.

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  2. trade_pro

    Sadly, we are no longer a nation of laws; we are a nation of men.

    Personally, I have seen the corruption and it has cost me financial what most people make in 15 or more years.  When the people who are in charge of the overseeing are unwilling to do their job, the entire system fails and corruption thrives.

    Look at our Supreme Court.  Most voted that Obamacare doesn’t mean what the law actually says and the others voted that gay marriage is illegal.  Sorry the law is as good as the words used and the Constitution gives equal protection.  You want to change the law, change the words.  You want to change the Constitution, write an amendment.

    We need people of principle who even when it doesn’t go with their view of the world, they do the correct thing based on law, not their whim.

    Sorry.  I’m tired of the B.S.

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  3. AlexInCT

    Sadly, we are no longer a nation of laws; we are a nation of men.

    I wish that were true. The people holding the reigns of power can’t even earn that moniker. The “men” here implies some kind of fortitude or conviction that gives them power, legitimate or otherwise. But what we have is a credentialed class. They have checked off the right boxes on a resume that contains “achievements” that they have managed to convince most people are important, but are just smoke and mirrors to mask a lack of any real accomplishments.

    These losers went to the right schools, where they thrived because these schools were set up to promote and reward the bullshit they profess to worship. They then got the right connections and degrees. Followed that up with the right kind of do-nothing, achieve-nothing work that is so highly valued by the people that despise real achievements and the way the real world works. And finally, banking on all this bullshit, have managed to bamboozle themselves into positions of power where they pat each other on the back for producing results that can’t be considered anything but abysmal failures.

    These people believe the end justifies the means, and that only they have the purity of intent to decide what’s right or wrong. The ends justify the means. Only problem is that the ends they peddle these days are going to destroy the work of the past 200 years that have produced prosperity and our modern once-free world and plunge us back into the very structure where we end up with an aristocracy and serfs that they profess to be fighting against.

    They flaunt and break the very laws they foist on the rest of us, not because of their whims, but because they believe they are above it all. They believe they are truly aristocrats and that the rest of us are dumb idiots that wouldn’t know what to do without their benevolence.

    “The essence of tyranny is not iron law. It is capricious law.” ― Christopher Hitchens


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  4. InsipiD

    Now if the rest of the country could make being a conservative legal again, that would be great.  It’s about to the point that I’m afraid to talk about guns lest someone figure out that I have them and call the police just for that.

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  5. Technomad

    The Democrats and liberals just can’t accept that they lost…and they keep judging Walker by their own slimy standards.  Any Democrat would almost certainly have enough dirt on him to drive him from office.  They are protected by the fact that almost all the mainstream media (even Fox) is manned from top to bottom by Democrats who won’t do anything to sink their own party’s hopes.

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