Greece Puts Up The Middle Finger

With the government restricting banking and capital, the Greek people voted yesterday against complying with their creditor’s demands. I’ve said this before and I have little to add: fuck Greece. If they want to leave the Euro, open the door for them. Call them a cab. Book them a flight. The only real concern is that they might drift into the Russian sphere of influence. But given that Russia’s economy is imploding, I don’t see that happening.

I was wondering if maybe the Greeks made the right decision but when I read that Krugman was in favor, I was reassured that it was a bad decision (among other things, Krugman describes the demands of Greece’s creditors as undemocratic. It’s apparently democratic for 2% of Europe’s population to demand free money from the other 98%). He doesn’t address Greece’s huge problems with tax compliance and massive pensions — the real causes of the current crisis. These problems will exist whether Greece is under the Euro, the Drachma, the Ruble or the Triganic Pu.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    They can vote NO all they want, but the reality is that they are bankrupt and have been begging for cash for years.  Eventually you either live on the street or get your shit together.

    Greece prefers living on the street.  Getting your shit together means living as an adult.

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  2. AlexInCT

    I see the EU vs. Greece as the battle between the stupid ideas of Hilary Clinton vs. those of Bernie Sanders. Greece lives in collectivist fantasy land where they expect that everyone sucks at the teat and someone else produces to pay for that. The EU thought that statism would allow them to control runaway collectivist stupidity, like what happens in Greece, because central planning!

    I can’t wait for that whole thing to come crashing down. And then China, which by some accounts has played even more fast & loose with the numbers than the EU and Greece, can implode too. If the US goes when the dominoes start falling it is for the best. We can then cull the elitist scumbags that have taken over government like a cancer and maybe start anew after the takers eat themselves up. The world is heading for an ugly correction.

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