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Donald Trump just declared that he’s running for President this year, apparently as a Republican, in one of the oddest speeches I’ve ever seen from a Presidential candidate. God knows what he’ll do. He has been famous for really awful ideas, including a proposal for a wealth tax.

This is going to be highly entertaining to blog, but bad for the Republic in the long run. We now have 12 Republican presidential candidates. Some of them are serious (Bush, Rubio, Walker, maybe Kasich and Perry), some have interesting things to say (Paul), some are just engaged in ego-stroking and some are just insane.

If they don’t pull their shit together, Hillary is going to coast to victory.

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  1. Section8

    If they don’t pull their shit together, Hillary is going to coast to victory.

    What do you mean? The GOP establishment has pulled its shit together. It ran on one platform and now governs under another, just as they always do when we throw those that are opposed to such repetitive nonsense under a bus. Then we the people pretend we don’t want business as usual. That’s pretty clear from the last mid-term election. They’ve managed to quiet the opposition to same as usual on all fronts. Remember when Cruz and Mike Lee pissed off the establishment because they threatened the possibility that the GOP establishment members might not get to go home a whole week early for their fricken Christmas break? Why they’d deal with immigration later and Cruz was fucking it all up, only to let Obama stomp all over their ass when later came. Remember you bought the establishment bullshit that this allowed Reid to “sneak” in appointees even though he was going to do it anyhow, it was no secret, and they damn well knew that?  That’s what you should be concerned about, a bunch of lying turds that have their shit together, not how many people signed up to run for office regardless if some nutters throw their hat in. That’s the cost of having more choices. At the end of the day though, you have nothing to worry about.  You’ll have a single hand-picked establishment candidate from either side of the aisle bought and paid for. That’s what those primaries are for.  My guess it will be Bush even though there’s probably not a damn person out there who wants that other than power brokers, but we’ll let it happen, and then bitch about it. 

    Anyhow, just because we both know as the elections get closer; any Republican candidate will not be good enough in your view, just out of curiosity what would be a good case scenario for you?

    I mean do you want one that will work to roll back Obamacare, or will you say it’s too late and state they should have fought sooner? They should have fought sooner even though it was never the right time to fight when it wasn’t too late (see posts about the government shutdown that would bring about the end of the world and an end to any future Republican victories EVER). Weird they got the majority in Congress the very next election. Of course they had to lean more to the right to get those votes, and then fucked everyone over after they got those votes because they DO have their shit together and status quo is how it works.

    No, it’s not just the candidates who are nuts, it’s the entire fricken public who wants something different, just has no clue as to what that actually is, and then demands to live with more of the same, all the while complaining about all of it. Now that’s insane.

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