Hackers Hack … Everything

Remember folks, these are the people who think they can run your life better than you can:

Hackers stole personnel data and identity numbers for every federal employee, a government worker union said Thursday, saying that the cyber theft of U.S. employee information was more damaging than the Obama administration has acknowledged.

Wait, the Obama Administration downplayed another failure? Well, knock me over with a feather.

U.S. intelligence officials say China, like the U.S., spies for national security advantage. Unlike the U.S., they say, China also engages in large-scale theft of corporate secrets for the benefit of state-sponsored enterprises that compete with Western companies. Nearly every major U.S. company has been hacked from China, they say.

Mike Rogers, the former chairman of the House intelligence committee, said last week that Chinese intelligence agencies have for some time been seeking to assemble a database of information about Americans. Those personal details can be used for blackmail, or also to shape bogus emails designed to appear legitimate while injecting spyware on the networks of government agencies or businesses Chinese hackers are trying to penetra [sic].

It’s a cyberwar and we’re losing it.

J. David Cox, president of the American Federation of Government Employees, said in a letter to OPM director Katherine Archuleta that based on OPM’s internal briefings, “We believe that the Central Personnel Data File was the targeted database, and that the hackers are now in possession of all personnel data for every federal employee, every federal retiree, and up to one million former federal employees.”

The OPM data file contains the records of non-military, non-intelligence executive branch employees, which covers most federal civilian employees but not, for example, members of Congress and their staffs.

The union believes the hackers stole military records and veterans’ status information, address, birth date, job and pay history, health insurance, life insurance, and pension information; and age, gender and race data, he said. The letter was obtained by The Associated Press.

So, basically, everything. I supposed we shouldn’t be surprised that this would happen under the steady gaze of those who botched the healthcare.gov rollout. But the sheer scale of this is astonishing.

The best part? As Rick Wilson pointed out on Twitter, no one will suffer any consequences. The contractors will get more money to fix their buggy software. OPM employees will get raises. We’ll bitch to China about it but not take any action.

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  1. AlexInCT

    You know how they discovered that the Chinese had infiltrated their system and were stealing their data for over a year? They had an onsite demo by a small company trying to sell them malaware detection/protection software run a routine scan of their systems and find this hack amongst a slew of other problems.

    Our government bureaucratic machine is so inept they can’t do regular and simple malaware detection. But this are the people the left demands we put in charge of our lives – from taxes to healthcare – because they are the only ones that can do it right.


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  2. Miguelito

    If you’re even tangentially related to IT in any US business, you know we’ve essentially been at war with China for years now.  I’ve heard jokes about how you can see the attempts to break in ramp up at 0900 Shanghai.. ramp down at 1700 Shanghai (or similar start/end of workday hours).  Also traces of many of the offending IPs directly to gov’t owned buildings there.

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