If you still doubt that they target their enemies

Then check this story out. Full disclosure. I frequent Reason’s Hit & Run frequently. The fundamental underlying philosophy there – and it is a dead accurate one- is that big government is tyrannical and that the US has right now one of the more tyrannical and corrupt governments to ever hold power in its two hundred year plus history. I am familiar with the post that has now resulted in this attack by the Obama Department of Progressive Taught Enforcement Bureau on the posters, but in particular against the sentiment on the left against this blogs and others like it that have aired this despicable administrations dirty laundry.

The site’s authors and the posters are primarily small government libertarians. It seems the left in this country has decided that the libertarian movement is far more dangerous to it than anything else. Likely because the libertarians have given up on playing nice and take every opportunity to call this despicable administration on its downright criminal behavior instead of trying to place nice with it or their lackeys in the MSM. Libertarians have no problem calling the collectivists on their theft of other people’s money and using that money to buy votes. Libertarians rub the faces of the excuse makers that defend the force used by government under the pretense of doing good in the shit sandwich they so desperately want to force everyone to pretend is a gourmet meal. Libertarians have no problem pointing out that the left’s ludicrous claim that the answer to the plethora of problems caused by an out of control, unaccountable, bloated, ineffective and inefficient, and drunk with power government is to give even more power to that government is downright stupid. And Libertarians and their beliefs, more importantly, are not vulnerable to the usual social issues that have allowed the left to frighten the low information voters and the takers that usually form their base. And the fact of the matter is that more and more republicans see the beliefs of libertarianism as a great thing. In fact, the republican party is now shifting in that direction. And the left wants none of that. Hence the campaign to eradicate this enemy before it gets too big by the bureaucratic machine that serves the left.

People need to wake up. The attempt to silence any and all speech that the masters in power don’t like is on the march in America. It is rampant in colleges. It is all over the news where anyone but a leftist gets harangued and attacked for saying anything the least bit controversial or that the left doesn’t like, while leftists not only get away with lying, cheating, abuses of power, criminal behavior across the board, and much more, but get defended. The various agencies of government are all being used to target political and other enemies of the left and those in power. From the IRS to the EPA, these powerful entities are all targeting the “Enemies of the state” (the state being the left). Most of the low information voters on the left right now loves this because they are stupid enough to believe these tactics helps them and their cause, but sooner than later most leftists will also find themselves on the opposite side of this machine, and then they will realize nobody is left to help them.

Dark times are ahead, and we are all willingly letting these evil people do it to us. Wake up.

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  1. InsipiD

    That’s like using RICO to prosecute global warming “deniers.”  Sadly, the left is doing a great job of making their opposition illegal.

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  2. JakeRake

    So the other side of the story is what happens to the commenters.  There is a process used on these people.  Once their identity is known, they can be referred to political allies.  Private reputation management companies and political groups monitor these folks.  If they continue to say things that the political parties or powerful individuals don’t like, then they can be put into a program.  Essentially, it’s a domestic psychological warfare campaign.  They warn these folks, and if they don’t shut up, then they start following them around.  The do weird street theater and let them know that their being watched.  If they still don’t shut up then they use electronic harassment equipment on them, and they’ll do a character assassination to smear them.  They’ll start a noise campaign inside their house to keep them sleep deprived, and pay people to harass them at work.  There is an entire group of people who are subject to this treatment.  They call themselves “targeted individuals,” and their claims are based in fact.  This treatment is a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment and it has a chilling effect on the First Amendment.  It’s up to people who are willing to fight for freedom to research this stuff and corroborate the evidence.  It’s true, and there are many crimes attached to the process. 

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