Monday Mad: Student Loans

I have a Science Sunday post in the works. In the meantime, here’s something to anger you: a popular post on the NYT from some entitled jerk about how defaulting on his student loans was some noble act of social protest.

Or something.

I was fortunate enough not to need student loans. And I’m previously railed against their terms, calling the Federal government the world’s largest predatory lender. But when you take on a debt, you should try to pay it. Without that sense of honor, the whole system collapses.

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  1. AlexInCT

    Hal the problem today is that a lot of the morons that go to college and pay a truck load to get worthless degrees employment wise are being hoodwinked by the liberal establishment and the idiotic suggestion that they should follow their dreams. Kids seem so unprepared for the real world these days that it baffles me. I have dealt with too many entitled morons that think that they are owed a 6 figure salary because they racked up a 6 figure debt studying whatever was their fancy in a big name school.

    The problem is that they feel that way because they have been lied to. Anything that brings the current higher education establishment down is good bye me. I hope a lot more of these idiots decide not to pay back their loans and the administration top heavy higher education system comes crumbling down around it.

    The world doesn’t need anymore “studies” majors and with a  few exceptions a liberal arts degree today is not worth the paper it is printed on, and the quality of the idiots that get them when they hit the real world reflects that.

    College has become the only thing people over pay for and then spend them bulk of the time trying to avoid getting anything of real value from. Glen H. Reynolds has spoken at great extent about how fucked up things are today in these colleges. What pisses me off is that we the productive tax payers will foot the bill for yet another progressive experiment that defied the laws of the real world and economics.

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