Star Wars Trailer 2

We’re back after some technical issues. The good news is that we may soon be getting some more technical help from my brother, who does this professionally.

To celebrate, here is the new Star Wars trailer:

I don’t want to be optimistic but it’s hard not to be.

I’ll have some more posts tonight and tomorrow on Iran, taxes and how stupid our media is. And this weekend will see the first Science Sunday

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  1. ilovecress

    Totally awesome. Whether or not it turns out to be a good film or not, Abrams is showing that he knows how to press the buttons of the Star Wars nerds in all of us – so it’ll definitely be a good star wars film.

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  2. Screamin

    OK, that got me WAY more excited than the first trailer did!  I may or may not have even giggled a little when I saw Harrison Ford talking to Chewie.

    As someone who wasn’t pleased with Abrams’ treatment of the Star Trek universe, let’s hope he remains true to the vision of the original trilogy here.

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  3. Hal_10000 *

    John Williams’ scores are amazing. They were the best aspect of the prequel trilogy, doing most of the emotional heavy lifting.

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