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  1. Santino

    I’m not one for sketch comedy.  I never really got into SNL or Monty Python.  I always find that discussing skits in retrospect is much more funny than watching the skit themselves.  And maybe that’s the beauty of it.  That’s not to say I  think Monty Python members aren’t funny, it’s just never been my cup of tea.  I did enjoy Life of Brian and A Fish Called Wanda (don’t think that was officially Monty Python though), and John Cleese’s appearance on Cheers was good as well.

    With all that being said, have you seen “Monty Python: Almost the Truth (Lawyers Cut)”?  They loop through the 6 parts on one of the cable channels and I’ve seen a few of them.  They are fascinating, and you really get an appreciation of how influential and avante garde Monty Python was (is).  I fully recommend it if you haven’t seen it.

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