Hollywood Gets It Wrong Again

The world is an absolute mess; the ME on fire in some part due to Obama’s retreat, Iran getting a guarantee on its nuclear development as long as it is in a secret underground facility with no meddling allowed by Israel, and Iran solidifying a Persian Empire with take overs of Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria, all the while pulling Obama’s chain with meaningless executive nuclear agreements, but this post is about none of that.

Periodically I look at alternatives to cable, what’s out there to fill my TV needs so I can 86 my cable provider. Live events, the ability to DVR, and my eclectic tastes always bring me back. One channel that I can’t part with is TCM. Sports, movies, and Foxnews, what else is there to watch? Maybe some netflix originals, more on that in a minute. I have always liked old movies and a unique feature of old movies is that everyone smoked. Hollywood had everyone smoking because they thought they were trailblazers, they thought smoking was admirable, that the folks would think these actors were cool and would want to watch them, but mostly they connected smoking with glamour, they were wrong.

Today smoking is out, profanity is in, they are still getting it wrong. Lately, in between March Madness Games (teaser, more on that in a bit) I have been watching the new Netflix original series Bloodline, it is really good. Without going in to specifics, it is not about guys in the military, in prison, or in gangs, it is about an ordinary family (with not so ordinary secrets) and yet every 4th word out of their mouths (all mouths, kids included) is f bombs. Not even through the first episode the smoking similarity was obvious. Does Hollywood think that ordinary folks talk like this or that ordinary folks watching this will think dialogue like this is cool or emblematic in some way? Yes, it is a minor irritant, and detracts little from the stellar quality, but why do they do it?

I don’t think I live a pampered sheltered life, but the only time that I ever hear f bombs or profanity in general is on TV, I never (hardly ever) come across it in real life. I am out and about every day interacting with my fellow earth dwellers, is Hollywood the only place where folks swear like sailors on a regular basis? Even in the blogosphere or this site for instance, writers manage to go whole paragraphs without it, why can’t Hollywood write 3 lines without any f bombs? Is it me? I predict that, just like the smoking prevalence of the old movies, when future generations looks at our current entertainment fare, quizzical expressions and scratching of heads will result when they analyze the apparent appeal of lazy speech.

In the event this post garners no interest, I admitted it was a personal pet peeve, I will hijack my own post, and ask the most important question; Can Kentucky be beaten?

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  1. Santino

    I think it’s pretty simple.  Most people watch TV to escape reality, hence the more unreal it is the better.  Regardless of profanity, no one talks the way people do on TV/movies, especially on TCM!

    Haven’t really been following the tournament closely this year (I haven’t joined a pool, was on vacation last week, Michigan was far removed from it this year), but I’ll venture and say no fucking way anyone beats KU.

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  2. richtaylor365 *

    Santino, you don’t follow State? I love Tom Izzo.

    Being old enough to remember the last perfect season with Indiana, I (and a couple million others) have been following the tournament closely. The hottest team right now is ND, they will give Kentucky trouble,  a good test.

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  3. Santino

    I do cheer for all B1G teams (even Ohio State).  I’ll catch the MSU game later tonight.  I agree on Notre Dame, I guess a year in the ACC did them well.  I’m liking NC State, they’re keeping Louisville honest.

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  4. repmom

    I can’t help you with Kentucky, so I will hijack the thread back to Hollywood. Like you, I’m bothered by the overuse of the F bomb in movies. No one I’m around ever uses the word. Hubby says he’ll hear it occasionally on the golf course, but not a normal everyday word used by his buddies.

    Showing my age here, but I remember when I was a little girl, we had the candy cigarettes. During play, we pretended to smoke with them, just like the cool ladies in the movies. There is nothing cool about the overuse of the F word in movies, but perhaps the younger generation thinks there is. I don’t mind the occasional use of it, and realize in some situations, it would be used, and am not bothered by it. In a movie like “Lone Survivor” I wouldn’t except the men to say “Oh, darn!” They’re going to say, “F*ck”, and it makes the movie — the scene — realistic. But when it’s thrown into every sentence just to be using it, I find it incredibly distracting. I love Leonardo DiCaprio, but refused to see “The Wolf of Wall Street” because of the overuse of the word.

    We are in need of new TV programs to watch. Any “Breaking Bad” fans not watching “Better Call Saul” such be! Or anyone else, for that matter. We are hooked on it! Very entertaining. And “Blue Bloods” – best show on TV.

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  5. richtaylor365 *

    Repmom, do you get either Netflix or Amazon Prime? If both or either I can give you some recommendations.

    Santino, did you see what the Warriors did to Memphis last night? Would  Golden State/Cleveland be about the best final you would want? 40 years, a long time to wait for another title.

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  6. richtaylor365 *

    Netflix has several original series’ that I enjoyed. Orange Is The New Black , The Fall, Bloodline (what I am watching now), even House Of Cards (good show if you can stomach slimy politicians), all watchable.

    Do you like Downton Abbey? Netflix has an entire BBC section, some really good shows there;

    Call The Midwife, Sherlock, The Bletchley Circle, The Paradise, Death Comes To Pemberley. The Brits do some fine work in TV series’. Parade’s End is also top notch (only available in DVD, sadly).



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  7. repmom

    Thanks, rich. We will check them out! We do watch Downton Abbey. Love it! Was sad to learn that only one more season, and then it will be cancelled.

    Nice list of shows. Should keep us busy for a while. One we watched via Netflix, and were disappointed to learn it had been cancelled once we caught up was “The Killing”.

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  8. Starving Writer

    Can Kentucky be beaten?  Yes.  Anybody can be beaten, given enough games.  Even the !927 Yankees were beaten 44 times.  The 1995-96 Chicago Bulls were beaten 10 times (and three times in the playoffs).


    The question is not “can Kentucky be beaten?”  The question is “will Kentucky be beaten?”  There’s still three games left for that to happen.  Personally I don’t think they’ll be beaten.

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  9. Santino

    Man I love watching sports when I don’t care who wins! You won’t hear me saying this too often, but kudos to ND for a great game.

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  10. Hal_10000

    The hottest team right now is ND, they will give Kentucky trouble,  a good test.

    Ding! That was a great effort by ND.  I expected them to be tough, but not that tough!

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