Cruz Is In, Why Should We Care?

Here’s the deal, I like Ted Cruz, personally, he is more like me than Obama. His conservative credentials are stellar, he is a government/spending reduction guy, big on national defense who (seemingly) understands the radical Islamist threat, understands that the world is a dangerous place made more dangerous by a limped dick American foreign presence, who genuinely believes in that “shinning city on a hill” image (not the imperialist America that causes more problems than it solves image of Obama) and who actually believes in The Constitution. Okay so far. And just yesterday he announced his candidacy for the 2016 presidential race. So why am I nonplussed by the whole affair?

Over at Hot Air there is a piece titled “9 Reasons Ted Cruz Is Exactly Like Barack Obama”. The author denies that he is trolling us, with the last sentence in the article, he exposes himself as exactly that. But the similarities are interesting.

Much has been made about how Cruz, Paul, and Rubio will have to answer the question of why Obama was considered inexperienced as a 1 term Senator, when each of them are similarly lacking. This criticism is valid, to a point. Clearly Obama’s problem is that he is Obama, would 8 years as a Senator change that? Would a couple of terms as governor of Illinois change his history of indoctrination, his America bad/fleece the rich/more government is always the answer/Constitution? We don’t need no stinking Constitution attitudes? Once a Marxist, always a Marxist, no matter how much time he served at the public trough.

But I still don’t like it, a one term Senator that has not done jack shit except vote “present” does not inspire confidence, not Obama and certainly not any of these 3. Could they make a good president? Sure, given the right moral grounding, the right understanding of where his loyalties (with the people, not his own aggrandizement) should be, the right understanding of his actual duties (and limitations) that The Constitution spells out, and with the right experts surrounding him providing advice and counsel.

Much will be made about Cruz’s religious convictions? That in itself is not a problem for me. Bush the younger was equally religious, his problem was not his faith but his spending policies. Cruz will suffer because his socially conservative views (no gay marriage, no abortion-ever, immigration-send them all back where they came from) appeal to a smaller audience. I like the fact the he is an AGW skeptic, this too will come up in debates.

Probably the biggest reason for my apathy is that it is so early and we still have 2 more years of Obama agony. No way do I want to go through the endless debates that dragged on for decades (seemingly). That and a little voice in the back of my head that admits that the dems are sneakier, more polished, more corrupt, more willing to bring a gun to a knife fight. Any GOP candidate will be at a disadvantage, in contrast not only with the lying MSM, but with the uninformed voter.

At this point I think that Cruz is unelectable, but am willing to listen to a counter argument, any takers?

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  1. repmom

    Great post, Rich. Thank you. I don’t think Cruz stands a chance, for all the reasons you mentioned. Too conservative, too inexperienced. I had to wonder why he announced so early? Did he want to get all the negative, liberal attacks out of the way, what? Of course, I feel a connection to him, he represents my state. But I would prefer someone like Rubio. As you say, way too early to get too excited, worked up, but just curious what you all thought. This is where I have come for years for conservative views.

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  2. repmom

    On the similarities to Obama, saw that this evening on O’Reilly. Pretty meaningless to me. Who cares where they got their education? What do they stand for? Are their values in line with mine? Do they want the same future for our country as I do? That is what is important to me.

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  3. CM

    Cruz isn’t going to win the nomination, and if by some miracle he did, he’d never beat Hillary (as she’d then easily win the moderates, hands down). To win, the GOP needs to win the majority of the swing states (or the keys ones), which means they need to win the moderates in those swing states. In terms of Electoral Votes they’re going to be way up against it anyway, as they pretty much start with 91% (246/270) of what they need. So they only need 24 from the remaining 292.

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  4. repmom

    Isn’t it so interesting, so fun, to learn the facts, and what is needed, by someone NOT living in our country. So glad to see CM tell us what the GOP needs to do to win. :)

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  5. Xetrov

    I largely agree with what CM said.  The country has reached a tipping point as far as a Republican ever getting elected to POTUS again in its current format.  Legalizing the Illegals will tip it for the foreseeable future.  Both sides will say or do whatever they think they need to do for votes.  One side appears to be better at than the other.  How else do you explain 2012?  Obama should have lost by a landslide like Carter in 1980.  I mean, the overwhelming Democrat front-runner for 2016 is a woman who’s biggest accomplishment is getting a US Ambassador killed on her watch at the State Department, and second biggest accomplishment is pulling off a stunt that makes Nixon’s impeachable offense look like shop lifting.  And yet still she’s the presumptive nominee.  It absolutely boggles my mind.

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  6. Iconoclast

    Cruz isn’t going to win the nomination…

    I don’t think it matters a whit who wins the GOP nomination.  Hillary is our next President.

    “But The People have Spoken.  The GOP swept the 2014 Mid-Terms.”

    And what The People have leaned is that the GOP will promise anything to win elections, but will simply cave to Democrat games and demands once elected.

    “Meet the new boss — same as the old boss.”

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