Entering Hard Hat Area

As opposed to emailing the relevant folks for status and in the interest of addressing any uncertainties as to who now has the car keys to the blog and what changes cosmetically are afoot, I thought I would post a repository, a place where those in charge can identify themselves.

The last few posts related to the subject intimated that either Thrill or Alex (or both jointly) would handle the admin duties and tackle the Herculean task of exorcising all the gremlins that have taken up residency on our blog. Not an enviable chore, but necessary. A number of good suggestions were offered up in the other post, but for now just getting the basics to work would be nice.

So far only Cress and Xetrov have volunteered to guest author, how do we get these guys author privileges? I still have the author template that Jim sent me originally, I would be glad to forward it over to both and help them get started, but they need permission from the admin guy.

On my “dashboard” to the site I have access to all the commenter’s email address. Since the PM services and the “contact” button are still busted, if anyone has questions or concerns they can shoot me an email, I have gotten a few already. I don’t mind being a buffer for admin so they don’t get overwhelmed, but since somebody needs to be “The Man”, he can come here and post anything he wants to disseminate to the group.

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  1. repmom

    So, maybe not the place for this, but where’s the post on the outcome of the American Sniper trial in Texas? I remember the day when such stories would be at least mentioned.

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  2. richtaylor365 *

    A blast from the past, Hi repmom. As you can see, the blog is being re built, sort a speak. I have been holding off posting until we can at least remove some of the scaffolding.

    One of the suggestions I had in the other post was to add a “Member Rants” button, where you could post something yourself on the topic.

    An entire post should be dedicated to Chris’ widow, what a brave and resolute soul? To have to put up with this and the Jesse Ventura trial, Egads.

    Once we are up fully and running, I hope you check in more often, it’s nice to have someone my age around here.

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  3. repmom

    Hey, rich! I actually commented on the “Suggestion box” post, but it never showed up. Was surprised that this comment did make it through. I hope the rebuild of this blog is successful. I stopped commenting a long time ago, but never stopped reading. I would love to see a post on Taya Kyle. She has shown so much class through it all. I have the utmost respect for this woman, and my heart breaks for her and all she has suffered.

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  4. Hal_10000

    I think I have admin privileges.  I’ve been tinkering with the layout a little bit.  One thing that bugs me is that I would prefer the content be centered or on the right side of the layout.  But I’ll see if I can add authors.  If worse comes to worse, we can always post them under my account with the “here is a guest post from X”.

    Oh, and great to hear from you again, Repmom!  I was thinking about a post on the American Sniper trial but I’m still getting caught up on it. A very depressing story.

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  5. Hal_10000

    I’m not sure what you mean by “author template”.  I never got one of those.  I do see on the user list how we can change the status of users.

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  6. hist_ed

    Am i the only one who doesn’t see the author of posts?   Comments yes, but I can’t tell you wrote the above post (or any other one since the rejiggering).


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  7. richtaylor365 *

    I’m not sure what you mean by “author template”.

    When I signed on to write Jim sent me a WordPress codec explaining the tools and a login site just for authors, that and some handy tips for things like adding videos and tagging. I can forward these over to the new guys.

    Am i the only one who doesn’t see the author of posts?

    Come on, our writing styles are so dissimilar that spotting the author should be child’s play. But yes, the author’s name should be attached.

    With the new author tools in the comments section, are you guys able to “edit” comments after posting? This is an essential feature to have.


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  8. richtaylor365 *

    I just received an email from Santino advising that he can’t log in to post a comment. I imagine other regulars are having the same difficulties. For those with the wrenches, might I suggest looking at this first?

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  9. Hal_10000

    What specific problem is Santino having?  I show his user profile is in good standing. Does the password not work?  Does the password reset not work?  Does it just ignore him?

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  10. richtaylor365 *

    This was his comment;

    Not sure if you can help, but I can’t login to the site anymore.  I’ve tried the function to generate a new password (a few times) and I don’t receive an email.  Strange since I was able to comment last week. 

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  11. blameme

    Hey guys – I figured I might as well comment in this newest post to see if I still could.


    I am happy to provide my feedback if you want it – do you want it in this thread or the original comment box thread below?

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  12. Seattle Outcast

    I’m just hoping for new topical posts to read and possibly comment on.  I wonder if Facebook has now come the place to do that – I know at least one guy who went from frequent commenter at eBudo to having his own Facebook page that essentially functions as a blog.


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  13. repmom

    I commented on this post last night. No problem. Even updated my profile. I commented on “Suggestion Box” post last week, it never showed up. Just commented there again, says it is being “moderated”. Commenting here now to see if it does the same.

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  14. Hal_10000

    It was being moderated.  I’m not sure why since your other comments posted.  I’m trying to figure out the web interface in between work binges and maybe something I’m doing is messing things up further.

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  15. Hal_10000

    Hmmm.  Well, something’s up.  I just opened registration with DM confirm (so that it sends a confirmation e-mail before creating a new account). That e-mail doesn’t appear to be going out either.

    Also, my reactivation of jetpack — which gives access to site stats and so forth, seems to have wiped out the markup buttons for the comments.

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  16. richtaylor365 *

    blameme, comments are always appreciated. Comments about how the blog looks or operates can be made in the Suggestion Box, thread. The Hard Hat Area thread was supposed to be a place where the admin guys could fill us on what, if anything at all, is happening with it’s basic repair.

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