Collaboration Is Needed

I expect everyone has read Jim’s post and his subsequent frustrations in getting the site glitches fixed. The good news is that the author tools appear to be restored. But the appearance of the site has been altered. No progress has been made on fixing the Registration issues, so as it stands now no new members can be added.

As a community we need to decide what is to become of this blog. I suspect that just about everyone would like it to survive, and beyond that, to thrive. None of this will happen without some effort.

Jim needs to turn over the admin reins to someone willing to maintain the site. The way I see it, the admin guy does not have to be an author. I think once everything is up and running, very little work will actually be involved, but there does need to be someone in charge of this. I would volunteer but my computer skills are somewhat limited. I am going to look into WordPress and try to figure it out so eventually I could help out with the admin duties, but right now I am pretty worthless in this area. Are there any on the regulars that would like to take this on, even on a temporary basis? I have reached out to some one in particular and am awaiting his reply but a contingency plan is always beneficial.

The other issues we need to discuss is author duties. The consensus of the comments in my Suggestion Box post was that more authors are needed, could not agree more. A suggestion, how about we find out who wants to contribute, get a list of volunteers than choose 2 from the last to start, see how that works out with the option of adding more at a later date, thus keeping it somewhat controllable and not too cumbersome? A process also needs to be decided on who gets authorship duties.

Once a new admin is chosen and things are functional again, I am all for tinkering with the look and its ability to mesh with other social sites. Of the blogs I visit regularly, they all morph with the times, evolve, and get better, more user friendly.

So there you have it. Hopefully we can get input from everyone, put the suggestions to practice and make this a blog that will grow in time and be relevant.

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  1. ilovecress

    I’d be happy to, but not sure how useful I’d be in a completely different time zone. For me right now it’s Monday lunchtime.
    I’m happy to write if it helps keep the content coming. Probably more of the music/film type stuff rather than my views on politics – although happy to if you wanted. Also I spell authours with a U….
    Why not have a contributions mailbox? If someone wants to write a post – maximum 300 words – they send it there. Then the authours can either use that content or not. Must be easier than starting a post from scratch – even if the authours use the contribution to disagree with?

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  2. FPrefect89

    I’ve never done any WordPress work.  I would like this blog to survive, I do enjoy reading most of the posts.  I could look into learning about WordPress and see what I can do to help.  I am not sure how much help I could be at the start, but eventually I could help admin this.

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  3. richtaylor365 *

    What a guy, Thrill has offered to take over as admin, we are in good hands.


    Jim, I sent you an email re: Thrills offer, hopefully the two of you can make the transition smooth.

    We are well on our way. Both Cress and Xetrov offered to write, I’m sure there are more out there.

    Hopefully Hal and Alex will weigh in.

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  4. Hal_10000

    I’d be delighted to have guest posts.  And I’m perfectly happy if Thrill wants to take over the admin.  My brother also hosts supports web pages (including mine) so that’s an option if we need it.

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  5. Xetrov

    I don’t know WordPress specifically, but I am a geek professionally and am always looking to learn something new geek-wise.  I’m happy to learn it and pitch in if needed, in addition to writing some articles.  Just let me know.

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  6. AlexInCT

    I chatted with Jim – well, we exchanged emails – and I told him to set me up as Admin so I can start looking at this stuff. It’s mostly HTML content and formatting in WordPress, so I will try to do as much as I can given my limited time.

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  7. richtaylor365 *

    Thrill, let the group know when you get the car keys from Jim.

    Have heard from a few of you but over the years several folks have danced around the idea of contributing posts, here is your chance to make that a reality.

    A few have mentioned that the forum format over at Moorewatch worked well.  I took a peak over there (never a participant when it was running) but did not see much difference from what we do here, an author puts up a post concerning something relevant and folks post comments to the original post. One idea that I thought we could try (once the admin wizard whips our blog into shape) is having a “Member Rants” section. A reader could go there and write a post, a comment on the fly, on any topic he chooses, and members could then post comments to this, kinda like extending guest author privileges to everyone. A reader would have to go into the “Member Rants” section to read it so it would not be posted on the front page.


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  8. CM

    Good idea Rich. Be good for readers to be able to bring attention to things, even if they don’t want to make a song and dance. And also the Hangout section at MW forums was an excellent way for people to chill out and joke around together (even while perhaps going hammer and tongs at the same time on some big issue in the General Discussion section). I think because people were able to get to know others in a more rounded way there was more civility.

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