It is only a failed presidency if you don’t understand the destruction is by design

Town Hall has a post up dealing with Obama’s failed presidency. Those of us that no longer remain in the dark know better. Obama has achieved a lot of what he set out to do, as he promised he would when he made the claim he would fundamentally transform America, but the problem is with the people that think he meant to improve things. To the left and Obama the only failure on their part was to not straddle us with even more destructive marxist bullshit. More fast growing debt, millions of illegals sucking at the government’s teat, millions of people unable to find work and forced to suck at the government’s tit, millions of people that have made sucking at the government’s teat their way of life, and the middle class under assault and driven to collapse by the government tax and regulatory burden, have all been bonuses to these fucking crooks. That’s the plan they had from the start, because they think we are all too stupid and in need of micro management.

Oh yeah, the LSM must be doing battlespace preparations for the coming elections as well, considering the number of articles telling us that lying is not a bad thing. Sure this is not really about politics, but this belief that lying is a good thing is part and parcel of the left’s modus operandi. Remember Obamacare? Shit, might as well say “remember the Obama presidency?”, because it has all been lies and criminal acts.

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  1. AlexInCT *

    It’s a shame that everyone believes that he had good intentions when he set out to change the country.

    I certainly didn’t InsipiD. In fact, I warned people that the sycophants in the media had never asked for details and had been the ones to articulate what he mean, while the scumbag got a free pass. I warned people that in works of fiction, this was how tyrants masquerading as benevolent men of the people, got to power. But like CM has been doing with his idiotic links to some stupid article here, people like me got accused of being motivated by racism and paranoia, because “Black Jesus!”. It was a scorched earth campaign to destroy the credibility of anyone and everyone that dared to oppose the left’s ambitions and pretenses back then. Especially those of us whom appealed to history, facts, and logic instead of the emotional drivel based on envy, jealousy, and sloth that the left’s movement is based on, to argue for caution and information. Caution was thrown to the wind by dreamers and schemers.

    Now we see what Obama and the left have wrought, because while he led the charge, the fact remains that he had plenty of help from a lot of evil people that knew what he and they were up to along the way. And yet, the excuse makers and idiots are now all pretending the massive damage done by these fucks over the last 6 plus years was not all by design. These fucking collectivist scumbags meant well: things just went out of control! I am surprised they are not blaming it all on Boosh ™ (stupid evil genius!) still. That has worked well for them in the past, but like the constant accusations of racism, now falls on deaf ears that should have known better.

    Collectivism is a mental disorder, and beyond the family unit, it is an invitation for tyranny and misery. We have over 100 years of history to prove that. The collectivists have managed to make serfs out of all of us that don’t belong to their elite inner circle,. And most people accept this fate with glee if they can but perpetuate the illusion of stability and security as long as the misery is shared by all. Pathetic bunch of losers.

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