Hollywood elites shows why they are douchebags

Clint Eastwood made a pro-US/pro-military movie, and like with everything the guy does, it is kicking ass and taking names, and as expected it is pissing off the liberal cunts that hate both and they are whining about it.

The problem is that these liberal elites think the idea of a good war movie is one where America and Americans are painted as the bad guys, or at a minimum as dolts that do evil things because they are too stupid to know better, and anything that says otherwise, especially when it ends up earning at the box office unlike the crap they produce and like, needs to be cock blocked. This is a move made out of desperation and envy, and what they are really questioning isn’t the content of the movie, but the fact evil Americans prefer the stuff that makes America look good over the bullshit they want to peddle.

Let me remind you that this is not the only genre of movies that Hollywood struggles with: religion movies produce the same results and problems for them. They are furious that movies of any kind that contradict the liberal narrative and idiotic beliefs does well. They have pissed away millions making junk movies with the liberal message only to watch them flop. The narrative then was America had no stomach for this stuff. Then someone like Eastwood puts out a movie on the subject and the thing rocks, crumbling the whole house of cards they have spent so much efforts erecting.

Hollywood’s problem is that liberal douchebags have been trying to push the liberal agenda in the drivel they pass off a deep cinema, and they have failed to garner the support they believe they are due, and anything that gets in the way of that narrative – America is bad, Americans are bad if they are not liberal pussies, and that the drivel the left beliefs in is what is real despite the evidence to the contrary – must be attacked. Fuck them. The best way to do has been laid out for us too: watch the stuff that is good and ignore the liberal drivel. Money talks, and their bullshit can walk. The fuckwads in Hollywood have tried to kill off anyone and anything that doesn’t conform to the liberal agenda, and people like Eastwood and the movies he makes will always be attacked for failing to comply.

The tears of liberal pansies are ambrosia. Enjoy them. Go Clint!

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  1. Hal_10000

    Shorter version of that article you link: three Hollywood lefty trolls don’t like the movie, therefore everyone in Hollywood doesn’t like it.

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  2. CM

    Apparently (I haven’t seen it) it’s a harrowing and intimate character study about a guy’s battle-scarred psyche. One critic described it as “Both a devastating war movie and a devastating antiwar movie, a subdued celebration of a warrior’s skill and a sorrowful lament over his alienation and misery”. Another called it a “harrowing meditation on war”.
    This does support your view Alex “After 40 years of Hollywood counterpropaganda telling us war is necessarily corrupting and malign, its ablest practitioners thugs, loons or victims, American Sniper nobly presents the case for the other side.”
    I’m looking forward to seeing it. I like Eastwood and Cooper.

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  3. ilovecress

    It must be exhausting to constantly try to be so angry all the time Alex. The film got six Oscar nominations. I’d say the Hollywood Elites are just fine with it

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  4. ilovecress

    I have no idea what your point is.

    Hollywood elites spend $60 million making the movie, and nominate it for six Oscars. I think they’re fine with Clint.

    I think you’re mad at bloggers looking for hits by stirring up controversy about the MLK weekend box office hit.

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  5. Poosh

    I honestly didn’t know this was a fair or intelligent movie, I assumed it was another typical liberal Hollywood piece of propaganda (in this genre) i.e. anti-war propaganda.

    Then I realised Eastwood was behind it, and thought maybe it’s worth a go. His movies seem to be the exception, immune to the usual Hollywood liberal pressures. Along with Nolan actually.

    Seeing the a Guardian review have to bite the bullet made me happy. Scum.

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  6. AlexInCT *

    Here is some more: Chris Kyle killed because he was a racist!.

    The problem isn’t just Hollywood: it’s the way the left sees the world. And they are furious with this movies success because it shows that despite all their efforts to the contrary people still know better. Expect more and more of this shit as the left unravels under the weight of its own stupidity.

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