Diplomacy in the age of Obama

When a friend sent me this link and I read the article, I thought I was looking at an Onion piece of humor. From the WaPo link:

Secretary of State John Kerry is in Paris after the White House apologized for not sending a high-ranking official to a massive unity rally after the terrorist attacks there.

And he brought a friend by the name of James Taylor.

And James Taylor sang “You got a friend” to the Cheese-eating-surrender-monkeys.

I guess it could have been worse: they could have sent Kerry to France with an iPod full of Obama speeches.

Calling the shit coming out of this WH amateur hour is an insult to amateurs. Remember these fuckwads telling us how bad Boosh was at foreign policy? Yeah, well, they make the stupid shit Boosh did look like pure genius these days.

You can’t make this level of stupid up. You just can’t. For those that have still not wizened up, Obama’s fundamentally changed America is basically a fucking shithole run by incompetent and stupid fucks that rob the productive blind.

Maybe they should send Dolly Parton to Moscow to sing for Putin or something. Them big titties might mellow the guy out!


Remember that if someone had done a parody like this about these bozos, we would all be hearing that it was done because the producer was a racist/evil bastard. But there they go doing it in real life. Priceless.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    Cue CM to explain to us how sending in a few hobbits to sing bar songs and dance barefoot on tables solves most international flubs.

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  2. Section8

    All I can say is Europe got the president and administration they wanted. At first, I thought maybe France had told us not to come, but now it’s pretty clear our administration had no intention of going, which is fine in my book and that’s their call, but yeah this sing songs thing is silly. I don’t think Palin is the sharpest knife in the drawer, but by these standards she’s a fricken genius.

    I also see Obama is busy lecturing about how Europe needs to treat its Muslims better. Reminds me of after 9/11 where it didn’t take long to change focus from hey I’m sorry about what happened, and what are we going to do about aggressors to well maybe it’s really your fault it happened. Yeah I don’t think we should stoop to that, but again Europe got what it wanted. Well except for Poosh. Sorry Poosh.

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  3. Section8

    Hmm a down vote for me. Well that just pains me, and I don’t know how I will ever go on. In a desperate attempt to make things right, please allow me to revise my post.

    Europe did not get the president they wanted. They got a sham of what they were hoping for and were expecting American leadership in a time or crisis. Nothing pleases Europe more than America to the rescue. I’m sure France begged us to come and we were on our way, but El Nino turned the flight back. Anyhow, we have sincerely apologized, and since the populous of most countries refer to their country as she, not he, what better way to apologize to France than an aging hippy sending another aging hippy to serenade her. Fucking brilliant, and Palin in her wildest dreams couldn’t think of resolving this by such an ingenious solution. Hell, none of us could. Even God was quoted as saying, “Oh my God why didn’t I think of that!” As for future reactions, we know most countries refer to their country in the image of a female except for maybe Germany, so when the Krauts get hit, and they will eventually, Obama and company can make up for it by slapping Merkel on the ass and tell her good game.

    What France needs right now is not support but lectures. Hey, you may think you’re bending over backwards for the new comers to your country, but in reality you’re treating them like sub human, well because you are that’s why. Shame on you, and you should be glad the disenchanted didn’t kill more of you lousy fucks. Anyhow, I revoke my apology to Poosh. He should have known better and realized this was all due to American policy.

    Well everyone should be happy now :)

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  4. InsipiD

    The French shootings just go to show you that everybody who said that the world would forever hate the US and favor France because they didn’t support action in Iraq in 2003 didn’t know shit about Islamic terrorists. They hate the West altogether, not just the United States.

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  5. Hal_10000


    Based on the way they handled that hostage situation, I would change that to cheese-eating badasses. If that had happened in this country, we’d probably still be negotiating with them.

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  6. Ed Kline

    “. If that had happened in this country, we’d probably still be negotiating with them.”

    Not if they were selling cigarettes illegally.

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