The Costs of Austerity

Federal spending has now been flat for several years. Discretionary spending has been cut. Quantitative easing has been ended. According to every Keynesian on the planet, we should be a in a recession right now.


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  1. Miguelito

    Well of course those evil rich/1%-ers are doing just fine!!!!!!1!!

    Wealth gap/raise the minimum wage/justice!!!


    I’m thinking it’s about time to sell my big chunk of stock to fund my remodel/rebuild I’m working on (talking to architect now).

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  2. CM

    Hang on part 2 though, “Much of the increase came from consumer spending on health care and business spending on structures and computer software.” I thought Healthcare was ruining the economy/America/civilisation?
    Ah well, good news in any event. I bet Romney predicted it.

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  3. Biggie G

    Hang on part 3, I thought the ACA was supposed to reduce consumer spending on health care. Isn’t that what the left is always pushing for? The “government”pays, not the people.

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  4. Section8

    Oh I know, it was IN SPITE of the rampant fraud and communism.

    Hey! You managed to get one thing right this year. ;)

    Just in time. Merry Christmas and give yourself a well deserved pat on the back!

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