Gun Grabbers Encourage Felonies

It’s hard to pick the most idiotic political movement in this country, but I have to think the anti-gun movement is up there. Behold:

For those of you who don’t want to sit through it, it shows a teenage boy taking a gun out of his parents dresser. He tucks it into his backpack and goes to school to the sounds of ominous music. He waits until after class, goes up to the teacher and … turns it into the teacher, asking her to take it away because he doesn’t feel safe with it in the house.

Let’s count the number of crimes committed in this “uplifting” ad:

1. Illegal possession of a firearm by a minor.
2. Weapons theft (a felony)
3. Unlicensed conceal carry.
4. Carrying a weapon onto school grounds (a federal crime)
5. Transfer of a weapon without a background check (a crime in some states)

Let’s also note that this encourages kids to pick up and handle weapons, something the damned NRA works hard to discourage kids from doing.

It’s too bad I already gave out the Turkeys of the Year awards.

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  1. AlexInCT

    This is plain evil and nothing else. They are not only encouraging these kids to commit a host of felonies and put them at risk of getting shot, but they are basically indoctrinating their future idiots. Look at history and see where people like this have “encouraged” the children to betray their parents, and you will always find the agents of tyranny at work.

    I hope someone sues the bejesus out of the fucking idiots that did this when their kid is up on charges, or worse, shot dead, and that they all get held as accomplices. Of course, that will have to be the post Obama/Holder America, where the law is applied equally instead of only when it is convenient for their agenda.

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  2. Seattle Outcast

    Let’s not forget that the Obama/Jarrett admin is adding on pressure for doctors to inquire about patient’s guns.

    The best answer to any medical staff wanting to know if there are “guns in your home” will be choice of “go fuck yourself in the ass with a sharp stick” and “why don’t you come over at midnight and start banging on the door while yelling and find out?”

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  3. Seattle Outcast

    I can just imagine how this scenario would play out in various places I’ve lived such as Montana (mandatory gun racks for all trucks), Colorado (let’s go deer hunting!), Nebraska (let’s go pheasant hunting!), Texas (let’s go shoot Yankees!), or Oregon (let’s go shoot rocks!), where the kid’s teacher is likely to have a concealed weapons permit and a small arsenal…

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  4. InsipiD

    This was made by an ad agency that decided a viral video made the best ad, even if the prevailing reaction is sour. No such thing as bad publicity.

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