This guy took over from Carl Sagan?

Seriously, you can’t make up the stupid shit some really educated people believe in. Here is the guy that narrated and ruined the latest and heavily progressively slanted incarnation of what was one of my favorite scientific documentaries making the case that the driving force behind nature – natural selection – somehow must only apply to this planet, and if any species in question somehow develops more intelligence, they will suddenly no longer be subject to that natural law.

I got my degree from a liberal college for sure

Neil degrease Tyson Doesn’t understand Natural Selection

Yeah, sure. You have been watching too much Star Trek TNG, dude. These fucking progressive idiots sometimes really, really make me wonder if they understand science at all. You think civilizations will spend the inordinate amount of resources it will take to travel through the vast distances of space just to explore it and to look down on other lesser developed civilizations and ask the questions idiots like Tyson thinks they will?

I firmly believe that any aliens that puts in the effort to come here will come here to farm the resources, including the 6 or more billion idiots that now are occupying the real estate they want. Fuck, they are far more likely to be motived by something negative (Predator?) than anything positive, because if they are anything like the progressives in their beliefs, the bulk of their wealth would be squandered on slackers that just suck at the government’s teat and they wouldn’t even be able to do simple things like build anything of worth because of insane fringe entities that are anti-progress. People better get that shit straight or they are going to really be fucked when some space fairing race shows up to harvest us all….

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  1. Ed Kline

    I think he’s trying to make a point, more than being taken literally about how aliens might actually think. It’s funny you invoke Sagan of all people. If ever there was a scientist who sucked alien cock as if their intelligence absolutely had to married to benevolence it was Sagan. As for those progressive idiots ( like Tyson I assume you’re saying) really understanding science? Yeah, they do, and he does.

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  2. Poosh

    I don’t know why people confuse education or academia with real intelligence (wisdom)?, Come on Alex :p

    Neil being a liberal, it amused me that his account of “why we make war” was entirely anti-historical, wrong lol. His list of causes are rarely the true cause of human wars, and are actually concepts aliens would grasp and appreciate as “verbally given” causes of wars.

    But the true reason for most human conflicts and wars (such as sense of identity, ego, the demand to signify power and strength to others, power for power’s sake, the need to demonstrate strength to put off invaders) would actually be more likely to be unintelligible to aliens as these are human traits that seem to be part of human consciousness (thus unique human evolution) i.e. their frame of emotional references would differ to human ones.

    Anyway, yes, Neil is a living moron. The aliens could just as easily be confused as to why we’re not in a state of constant, perpetual war.

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  3. Seattle Outcast

    I’m going to assume that anyone that shows up from beyond the solar system is here first to conquer, and then perhaps to see if we taste good. Never assume benevolence from anything you don’t know and understand – lots of things tend to bite, sting, claw, be covered in poison, etc…

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  4. Ed Kline

    Poosh, Neil Degrasse Tyson is not a moron. You cannot fake math and physics, and you certainly cannot get a PhD. in astrophysics by parroting popular political POVs and otherwise just showing up. He didn’t major in History.
    Higher education in the arts is not much of a culling process, but it is in math and physics. Most people just can’t do it because they just aren’t smart enough, Tyson is.
    That being said, he like Sagan before him, does not look at social and political questions like a scientist. It’s not an unusual trait. Otherwise intelligent religious people do the exact same thing in regard to their religion. Tyson is, in essence, a disciple of liberalism.

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  5. Hal_10000

    When Tyson talks about hard science, he’s good. When he ventures away from that, he tends to stumble. And when he tangles with politics he gets idiotic. He keeps pushing this fake Bush quote that has long been debunked, for example.

    ““Expertise in one field does not carry over into other fields. But experts often think so. The narrower their field of knowledge the more likely they are to think so.” – Robert Heinlein

    While I’ve never met him, I’ve been at AAS conferences where he was in attendance. He’s like a rock star. There’s always a bunch of women following him around.

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  6. AlexInCT *

    When Tyson talks about hard science, he’s good. When he ventures away from that, he tends to stumble.

    Hal, this is a actually a real good observation, and I believe, applies to more than just Tyson. It is hard to fuck around with the hard stuff in science. Calculus is calculus. Physics, albeit not the theoretical stuff, is defined. Same applies to Chemistry. Where things fall apart is when people start pretending they know it all and have the answers and demand they be allowed to do destructive and stupid shit. We all know how well that has worked out for us so far, especially with the various cultists that claim to have a basis in science for their quasi religious beliefs. Tyson’s tweet is just more of that same bullshit.

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  7. Poosh

    He absolutely is a moron, an idiot and this isn’t the first time. Do you think someone cannot be academic and yet not a moron somehow?

    Noam Chomsky is highly intelligent when it comes to the Linguistics, he is still an absolute moron (though a liar as well, so perhaps not the best choice),

    ” Most people just can’t do it because they just aren’t smart enough, Tyson is.”

    I’ll fix this for you, you actually mean “most people cannot do well at science or maths, because they just aren’t good/smart enough when it comes to science or maths”. There. Fixed for you.

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  8. Poosh

    The quote was entirely anti-intellectual, it showed absolutely no sense of reality whatsoever. Anyone who shared the comment without irony or mockery shares that characteristic. All sharing that tweet means is that you’re an idiot. The statement is invalid, and unsound, on multiple levels.

    I really don’t want to be drawn into this as I realise I’m being trolled and at this point I’m entirely responsible but it’s more a sci-fi topic so fair enough.

    1) As Hal also pointed out, the aliens could easily be far “worse” They could be more “enlightened”, yes, they could just as easily find it disgusting that we’re not slaughtering each other (see The Shadows in Babylon 5, for example). The idea of declaring them such is absurd.

    2) His characteristic of the cases of human conflicts are ignorant are far away from the actual causes of conflicts (religious furor, for example, is actually more a symptom of human psychology)

    3) Quite frankly Neil should at least be aware that any alien race we run into will more than likely be almost impossible to communicate or empathise with because of how language is formed. Their frame of references, psychology etc will be entirely … alien… to us. We would more than likely not comprehend each other, and share little if any characteristics. For example, they may just see us as a food source…

    These are not difficult concepts to grasp. An esteemed scientist, you’d think, would be aware of them.

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  9. AlexInCT *

    Love how Poosh refers to people negatively as anti-intellectuals but also promotes it at the same time.

    I am with Poosh: for all his education Tyson is a fucking idiot of the highest order. And my bet is that if you search for the root cause you will find it comes from his liberal bias and academic background. Liberalism’s reaction to common sense and logic – especially when it comes to the results of their do-good/feel-good bullshit ideas – is the same one a vampire has to a holy symbol or holy water, garlic, or sun light: it hurts them. If you doubt my assertion holds true, reread Tyson’s comment, then read up on natural selection and evolution (I mean the science, not the liberal propaganda they conjure up when arguing with religious people) and you will immediately see how obvious it is that liberals, no mater how well educated they may be, will always find a way to do and say stupid shit that would practically always be blatantly obvious to the people they like to look down upon.

    Tyson’s comment reminds me of the idiotic woman that posted she disliked some nature series because it showed wolves killing deer and animals simply never commit murder like that as it is the purveyance of people. She claimed to be college educated. I think she learned what she knew about nature from Disney movies and liberal Kumbaya hippy fests if she didn’t know nature is brutal and it is kill or be killed. Animals, even the herbivores, are territorial, resort to violence to secure their territory and their chance for sex, and in general are cold. But decades of liberal bullshit have convinced many that nature is this beautiful thing and man’s propensity for violence and to put individual interests above that of others is an exception. If they had actually studied evolution and understood what the natural intent behind it is, I bet they would have given up on collectivism, because it would be obvious it breaks down past the family unit or pack.

    Fucking idiots the lot of them progressives, and the dumbest amongst them are the “most educated”.

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  10. CM

    None of that relates to what I said. Also, it’s a freakin’ tweet. Why on earth would you be analysing it to death? And how is religion different from “religious fervour”? Bizarre.

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  11. Hal_10000

    1) As Hal also pointed out, the aliens could easily be far “worse” They could be more “enlightened”, yes, they could just as easily find it disgusting that we’re not slaughtering each other (see The Shadows in Babylon 5, for example).

    Heh. I was just about to site B5. You’ll also remember there was a race that thought humans should be isolating the “inferior” members of their own race and letting them die to keep them from reproducing. Aliens might think that too. I think history is mixed on the subject of whether superior technology produces superior morality.

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