Anarchy Is Right

It has been a great ride, but tonight it ends, carnage and mayhem to follow.

For those interested, I wanted to throw up a quick post before the last episode of SOA, we can discuss any prognostications out there or what you want to see happen once the dust settles.

I have always had a fondness for the show, for several reasons, not least of all because I have traveled the San Joaquin valley extensively, have ridden Harley’s for a good portion of my life, have conversed and shared beers with ex motorcycle gang members, and understand, to some degree, the life and affection for clubs like this.

Once Tara died in the last episode of last season, I pretty much knew Sutter was going to blow the whole thing up this season, leaving no one unscathed or unharmed. But what we have seen so far, holy crap.

Two characters I have grown to love and am sorry to see them go, Juice and Unser. Unser should have gone all doped up on Morphine dying of cancer, or at least taking a stray bullet for Jemma. For Jax to gun him down like that, ouch. Like a son who craved a father’s love but could never get it, as a last ditch effort for redemption, Juice went out in the end helping the club.

Throughout the show, Jax has been a sympathetic figure, trying as he might, doing all the wrong things for the right reasons, hoping to find his moral compass, but never really willing to do the heavy lifting. Almost all of his decisions could be rationalized, the greater good and all that, but this year he went totally off the rails and now is deserving of a bullet in the head. This year I was actually rooting for anarchy and the expansion of the collateral damage circle. I expected Jemma and Nero to live out their days, helping Wendi raise the two kids, trying to minimize the damage and the trauma already inflicted on them.

If a Charming chapter of the Son’s can exist, Chibs is the natural selection for pres, although Happy is such a loveable guy (smiley face tattoos on abdomen for every kill, classic). Sure, the love affair between Chibs and the local sheriff, ridiculous, but a minor distraction.

So, on to the ending tonight. What I don’t want to some Dexter like let down, an ending so preposterously stupid and un fulflling that fans are left wanting bloodshed for the writers. Sutter has many options here. Jax can survive, booted out of the club, of course, this is a given for killing Jury, earning a meager living as some low paid mechanic somewhere but having a life with Wendi and his two kids, having to live with the bad decisions he made in life and how miserably he failed at fulfilling the vision John laid out for him in his manuscript. Or, Marks could put a bullet in his head, not unwarranted.

I gonna be pissed if anything happens to either Wendi or Nero, two folks who have tried to walk the straight and narrow. Somebody needs to raise those two boys. Although now that Jemma is gone, Nero might just be the odd man out, hope not.

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  1. CM

    Spoiler Alert: Sutter royally fucked us all with such a shit final season. What a waste, doing all those hard yards and then delivering that turd. Massively overblown bullshit, the whole season could and should have just been those three last episodes. I cold almost feel the pain of my all that prison rape. Although I did like that Jax was ultimately killed by Vic Mackie.

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  2. richtaylor365 *

    I had just the opposite reaction, CM, I thought it was a great ending to one of the better seasons. Jax had to die, no way around it, but he went out on his terms. Sure, Chibs implementing “Mr. Mayhem” himself would have put the club in good stead with the rest of the charters (now, they all look like a bunch of incompetents, allowing Jax to escape), but the ending wraps a big bow around the series.

    Some things I thought preposterous; the relationship between Tig and that tranny, ditto with Chibs and the sheriff, and Sutter’s fascination with sodomy (he never quite got the difference between county lock up/jail and prison).

    Fucking autocorrect is taking all my bases.

    This site is in desperate need of some admin attention, many tools that were available in the old days (bolding, quotes, hyperlinks, editing) have disappeared. I tried to use the “private messaging” feature last month, broken.

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  3. CM

    Nah Sutter needs to learn basic editing, the episodes were all 30 mins too long. And yet with all that extra time he forgot about character development, almost completely. I was long passed caring by the end. Particularly as characters changed their personalities (don’t buy Gemma not trying to squirm out of it until the very end). So many events in that last season should have carried so much more weight than they did. He botched it. And that symbolism stuff in the last 2 episodes was like something from a first year film student. It was all so bad the wife guessed Gemma would reawaken as a vampire. Might as well have. And who was that whole ‘pretend to shoot Jax but actually shoot Happy in the arm’ bullshit for?
    Sutter tries to make out that Jax tidied everything up before his Jesus Christ Pose (following the longest and slowest ‘chase’ that could still be going if Vic wasn’t coming the other way) but that’s bullshit – Marx had a huge organisation and that payback will be severe. But nearly as severe as what the Irish Kings will bring. The best I can say is that at least it wasn’t as bad as Dexter. Or Lost.

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  4. CM

    I would have liked it way better if Unser had taken out Jax. Of course was partly to blame for it all, telling Gemma that Tara was going to squeal. WTF did he think might happen? A family conference followed by pizza and scrabble?!

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