A Few Quick Thoughts on Keystone XL

Last night, the Senate defeated an effort to push through the Keystone XL pipeline project. This was ostensibly an effort to save Mary Landrieu’s seat in Louisiana. But I doubt passage would saved her.

I’m finding the arguments against Keystone XL severely wanting. Critics points out that most of the jobs created will be temporary. But those same critics insist that we should engage in massive stimulus spending to create … temporary jobs in construction. They also claim getting oil from Canadian sands will contribute to global warming. That’s true, but that’s going to happen anyway. Trans Canada has no intention of leaving that oil in the sand.

Ultimately, this is not about policy, it’s about identity. The opponents want to establish their environmentalist bona fides. They want to show that they care about the planet (although usually not enough to go to school, get an advanced science degree and do something about the planet). I don’t see any reason why we should base policy on that. Keystone XL won’t rescue the economy. But it’s not going to doom the planet either. I tend to default to freedom in that case. Let it get built.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    It’s Salon, which has been greatly reality challenged in the past decade, becoming a shitty partisan website for 3rd-rate, hack, neo-marxists that are willing to work for free (or nearly so), so you’ll have to strain the very few nuggets of truth out from the bucket of horseshit that the article is. Radio Moscow had more on the ball back when their shortwave broadcasts made the USSR version of the news sound like it came from another planet.

    Also, you need to realize that both branches of the legislature pass all sorts of bills that nobody has any intention of actually progressing on to being a law. The vast majority of them are political statements that are pandering to one special interest group or another.

    Additionally, nearly everything that happens between the election and next January has to be considered either throat slitting or farting into the wind. It’s lame duck time for the Senate until then, and for Obama – he has another two years of being no longer relevant until he can start letting other people ghost write his books about how awesome he never was.

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  2. Iconoclast

    So true then.

    Yes, it’s absolutely true that the House passed H.R. 1422, and yes, it’s absolutely true (and expected) that all of the left-wing media outlets spin it as an “anti-science” bill, but it’s also true that the EPA has been waging all-out war against certain industries at the expense of the economy, using “science” as its weapon of choice.

    It’s also absolutely true that the leftist Administration has threatened to veto the bill should it pass both chambers of Congress.

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