Of course they are his allies on this!

For now, that is. Yeah, health insurers are stepping up to help Obama defend the despicable Obamacare law, and that should surprise no one. The law is terrible for consumers, but great for both government that wants to get its mitts into the health insurance decision making process and money, as well as a financial boon – at least in the short term – to the evil insurance companies that the left created this law to fight against. Any libtard that for a second believed the donkeys passed this law to finally break that supposed monopoly the evil profit making insurers had on healthcare should do a double double take when hearing this news.

The political left and their agents lied about how costly and dastardly Obamacare was going to end up, as Hal’s Gruber post points out, and created a monster that, as I mentioned, at least in the short term, was incredibly profitable for insurers. They had to do that to buy enough support, or at least to keep the insurers from campaigning against the idiotic and costly law. These insurers are now raking in the cash from the repeated rate hikes they justified on this egregious law and pushed on their members, dropping costly people that then end up on government controlled rolls paid by huge tax payer subsidies en masse, and basically loving the situation they are in right now. Of course they don’t want the law repealed just yet.

The fact is that all Obamacare has accomplished is to make government’s reach and power on issues of healthcare insurance and benefits far larger than it ever ought to be, while enriching the insurers the political left pretended to be fighting against. Those that will pay are the productive people that got repeatedly lied to about how Obamacare was going to keep their plans, doctors, or costs down, while shafting the evil companies and the rich to give a whole bunch of others supposedly free healthcare. Yeah, sure.

The snake oil salesmen of yore are alive and well. These days they masquerade as champions of the little people and worship a donkey. The idiots that get a boner from all the class warfare shit are lapping it all up, and asking for seconds, even as they get ass raped without the benefit of a reach around. Wellcome to expensive mediocrity bitchez!

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