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I know, there is bias in the MSM, and water is wet, no insight is needed to recognize the obvious, but it highlights not only the extraordinary night last Tuesday, but more generally the obstacles erected to confound any GOP win in any election. Liberal bias permeates almost every facet of American culture, how did this happen?

Conservatives have long believed American culture is entrenched with a liberal bias, only to be scoffed at and called paranoid. However, three new charts dealing with political donations from academia, media, and Hollywood prove this to be the case.
Business Insider was provided a data set of federal campaign contributions dating all the way back to 1980, making the sample size considerable. The data set confirms that media, academia, and the entertainment industry are some of the most liberal professions in America.

Interesting charts provided, revealing biases the extent at which even surprised me.

Liberal bias is like voter fraud, we have lived with its presence so long that we get desensitized to how debilitating it is to the process. And like cockroaches, for every one you find, there was 10 more hiding under the fridge.

We talk a lot about the low information voter here on this blog, the folks that populate those hilarious videos on Water’s World, Kimmel, and other late night shows. These are the folks that are embarrassingly ignorant of current events, yet voted for Obama because;

1) Their college professors, supposedly wiser, are always labeling the GOP as racists, homophobes, sexists, religious fanatics, and generally inbreed freaks.
2) The girls that man the “Free Palestine” booth usually put out, if you can get passed their poor hygiene.
3) Jon Stewart is cool, hip, and progressive, be like him.
4) Whenever they stop by their local Quickstop for a Red Bull or some smokes, newspapers are predominately placed by the cash register, papers that headline with ,”GOP hates poor people and wants to starve your kids”
5) MTV, the Comedy Channel, and the big three networks run spots with a cool celebrity like Katie Perry (donning her latest Obama dress) warning that their vigilance is needed in protecting reproductive rights, equal pay, and rights of women not to get raped.
6) Hitting the Stairmaster at your local fitness club, you are bombarded with TV monitors, with scrawling headlines at the bottom warning of the evils of the Kotch Brothers, and how Obama is really trying to get immigration legislation passed and raise the minimum wage.
7)Even at your local supermarket, the periodicals placed by the check out sport headlines about how stylish and elegant Michelle is and how much she cares about school nutrition.

Given all the subtle (?) reminders to those who could not find Canada on a map, don’t know who the vice president is, or actually think more government is a good thing, it is a miracle that Republicans ever get elected, to anything.

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  1. AlexInCT

    It’s not bias if you believe you own the truth, and if you don’t that the other side doesn’t for sure, are actually the norm, the center, and that anyone to the right of you is a disciple of Hitler, and that the other side is stoopid and evil, right? That’s what libs tell me all the time…

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