The Palin Kerfuffle

I won’t link to or detail it. Google can help you there if you’re interested. But a couple of months ago, a certain segment of blogosphere reacted with what I can only describe as undisguised glee at reports of a fight the Palin family got into. The adjective being flung about were things like “trashy” and “low-class”.

As I’m sure you’re aware, I have no love for Palin. But this crossed me from day one ugly muck-raking against someone who is not a candidate for any political office. It was reveling in dirt for the revelings sake. It was sliming a disliked political figure based on partial information and innuendo.

Well, now audio tapes have come out of a crying Bristol talking to police. And the Left Wing Echosphere — including Palin Nutter Andrew Sullivan — are reacting with unrestrained joy to a description of what, as Noah Roathman points out, can only be described as an assault:

The overwhelming sense of superiority some in the press feel toward the Palins simply clouds their better judgment. Costello would surely see the error of her ways if she were to read her disparate reactions to these two strikingly similar events [this and the Ray Rice assault], but, in the heat of the moment, she did not see Sarah Palin’s daughter as a women who had endured a physical assault; she saw her as a caricature worthy of mockery.

No charges were filed in this case. And it’s not clear what touched off the brawl or to what extent the family was involved in it (there are witness who claim Bristol was punching the party host). But regardless of how “trashy” the Palins might or might not have been acting and regardless of how involved they were in in the brawl, I don’t think the reaction would be the same if this were a recording of some Democrat’s kid, do you?

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  1. Xetrov

    The local FM talk radio station decided to talk about this, and replay the drunken audio over and over again, and in general mock Palin for the solid 30 minutes I drove home on Wednesday afternoon – the same day the Canadian terrorist attack happened.

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  2. Technomad

    I have never understood the mindless Palin-hate out there. Other than saying that the MSM and the goodthinkers had to take her down, lest she derail the One’s inevitable coronation.

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  3. Hal_10000 *

    The whole “who is Trig’s mother?” thing drove me nuts. And Sullivan is out there saying, “I didn’t question if Sarah was his mother. I was just asking questions!” Uh-huh.

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  4. InsipiD

    The press loves to make demons out of conservatives who aren’t even on the ballot and use them accordingly. 5 years after he left office and Dick Cheney is literally used interchangeably with Hitler as an example of an evil person.

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  5. Hal_10000 *

    I remember when they had a picture of Cheney cutting a bloody meat of meat. They cropped out the rest of the picture, which showed it was a holiday dinner with his family.

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  6. InsipiD

    How dare he!? Bloody, undercooked meat served to his family? Was he trying to give food poisoning to his family? Did he want them all to have heart attacks like he did?

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