Robin Williams, RIP

Dead of apparent suicide after a long battle with severe depression. I’m shocked and saddened. Williams had a maniacal genius for comedy but was also a gifted dramatic actor.


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  1. Xetrov says:

    RIP, Funny man.

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  2. CM says:

    A great great loss. I think it’s likely he did well getting to 63 given his depression.
    My newsfeed tells me very clearly that Robin Williams is universally loved.

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  3. InsipiD says:

    It really makes his guest appearance on Louie even sadder. Real genius of an actor, though.

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  4. West Virginia Rebel says:

    He was at Belushi’s place the night Belushi died; that was what made him quit drugs. Many great talents have struggled with depression in their careers. But you could get worn out just watching him. RIP.
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  5. Poosh says:

    Very sad. His best work was yet to come as well.

    What was odd is a mere hour before this news was public, BBC3 ran the Family Guy episode where anyone Peter touches turns into Robin Williams. Very sad coincidence.

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  6. Xetrov says:

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