Spin debunked.

Today’s big headline is that “Dow drops 200-plus points; stocks negative for July“, which coming on the heels of the almost surely to be found out as bunk revelation by the desperate Donkey mouthpiece of former fame and glory claiming for the umpteenth time that the economic recovery is here, should make you wonder.

Scuttlebutt I heard is that when you really break down that 4% growth the NYT claims happened you discover the bulk of it comes from government spending increases. Those can’t go on indefinitely, even if liberals think so, as Argentina proves yet again. And the fact remains that nobody is doing the math to figure out how this insane monetary policy impacts us. I see the dollar losing value day to day. I see inflation out there, clearly, while the LSM tells us constantly there is none of that. I see less economic growth overall, with every business, except for those doing business with the ever expanding public sector bureaucracy, in a holding pattern as they try to survive the economic calamity. You would think revelation after revelation that point out they are full of shit.

No worries. When the whole house of cards comes tumbling down, I have my investments in precious metals to keep me on top. Buy gold, silver, and lots of lead so you can make sure you keep the previous 2.


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  1. richtaylor365 says:

    Given this year’s run up of the Dow, S&P 500, Russell 2000, and every other index that tracks US equities, this was not unexpected. A pull back following a precipitous run up is healthy, it not only gives long term investors an opportunity to add to positions, but it clears out the riff raff, those more speculating then investing.

    But in a low inflation environment, precious metals is the last thing you want to own. Janet Yellen gave us a small peak into her predilections re: quantitative easing, we are good for the rest of the year. Next year is a whole different ball game.

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  2. CM says:

    But in a low inflation environment, precious metals is the last thing you want to own.

    You clearly aren’t listening to enough talk-radio.


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  3. Hal_10000 says:

    No no no. 4% is good economic news so the press attributes that to Obama’s “leadership”. The next time bad economic news comes out, the press will rediscover “austerity”.

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  4. Seattle Outcast says:

    Quantitative easing?

    Yeah sure, the Keynesian-libtard fantasy answer to everything; just fucking print more money.

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  5. CM says:

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