Godless TV Is Coming

Ho hum, another station that I won’t watch;

It is a fact of American life that even though far fewer than half the adult population attend church on a weekly basis, atheism remains an outright taboo in many corners of the country.
As we discovered on a reporting trip to Virginia earlier, non-belief is something that many Americans are too afraid to even admit to their parents, friend and teachers. Many fear alienation from the communities they grew up in, or even active discrimination from employers and teachers for their non-belief.
But in what is a sign of changing times, perhaps, next week sees the launch of America’s first dedicated TV channel for non-believers. Atheist TV launches in New York and will broadcast 24 hours a day via Roku, the internet streaming service that allows people to watch internet-based channels on their TVs. Roku only has seven million subscribers, but anyone can watch it streamed online at www.atheists.tv

What a bunch of crap. The majority of our regulars here are atheists, do you guys really feel discriminated against, fearful to speak freely among your peers or your community? I know, ridiculous.

As far as the TV station, bring it, more variety I say. I think us left handers should get a channel as well. Of the 450 plus stations that I get, between 10 to 15 ever get my eyes, 1 more I won’t watch is uneventful for me.

I’m thinking that this will probably mirror the success of AirAmerica, remember those guys? But if it catches fire and gives foxnews a run, fine with me. Capitalism knows no religion, rewards only those that innovate, create, or work hard.

As I’ve written before, America is secularising faster than many people realise, with the latest data analysis by Mark Chaves at Duke University indicating that even the Evangelical movement ā€“ after two decades of bucking the secularisation trend ā€“ is starting to lose traction among young people at almost the same rate as traditional churches.

This is why I think any whining about those meaner believers picking on the non believers is garbage. Free will, reaping what you sow, making your own bed and sleeping in it, unlike those insane Islamist countries, we don’t behead non believer. You guys can even get your own TV station.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    I still have to put up evangitards going apeshit when they manage to put things together every now and then, but now I report them to HR and have them fired.

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  2. Hal_10000

    Atheists are afraid to speak out? Did I imagine it when atheists like Bill Maher, Penn Jillette, Richard Dawkins and Chris Hitchens had best-selling books? Is it my imagination that religion is absent from the vast majority of TV shows? One of the principle pundits on one of the biggest conservative blogs out there — Allahpundit of Hot Air — is an open atheist. Yet the Hot Air readership and devoutly Catholic Ed Morrissey treat him with complete respect.

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  3. richtaylor365 *

    As is Charles Krauthammer. Dang, how could I go several days without a Krauthammer reference, I’m slipping.

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  4. Hal_10000

    As is Charles Krauthammer. Dang, how could I go several days without a Krauthammer reference, Iā€™m slipping.

    Yep. Forgot about him. One of the most respected conservative pundits out there. And another example of how there is frequently more intellectual vigor on the Right than the Left.

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  5. Technomad

    Here in small-town Iowa, I’m pretty low-key about my atheism, but then again, here in small-town Iowa, I am generally spared the kind of high-pressure tactics that evangelicals in places like the small-town South or Utah use.

    Part of why I dislike evangelicals as a group is their ignorance about us non-believers. Many of them live their lives in an “evangelical bubble,” watching only “Christian” entertainers, reading only “Christian” books, (and being willing to accept seriously below-par writing in the books they do read—Left Behind makes “Harry Potter and the Catgirl Exchange Student from Japan” look like prizewinning writing!) and believing the most insane things about us. Trust me, evangelicals—I may not believe in the Bible, but I do know what it is, and who Jesus was. (Jack Chick has a lot to answer for here; a lot of straw nonbelievers in his comics act like nobody ever told them who Jesus was, which in this place and time, is sheerly impossible.)

    There’s a book, Rapture Ready! about evangelical entertainment and the evangelical subculture, as seen by a secular observer. Most if not all of what he described struck me as either cheesy, or in impossibly poor taste—fancy some “Smiling Cross” knickknacks, anyone? I kid you not, that was one thing the author saw being pushed at a convention for people with new evangelical-market toys and products to sell. And you have the theme parks with Biblical themes, including ones with faux Crucifixions.

    If I were a Christian, I’d respect an honest atheist a million times more than these hucksters. ISTR that Jesus had a short, sharp way with people fleecing the pilgrims at the Temple in Jerusalem…

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  6. Miguelito

    Yeah, I gotta call Bullshit on the “afraid to admit to being an atheist” bit. There are some places (mostly rural) where you might be pestered by people for being an atheist (especially evangelical types as mentioned) but you (other then rare exceptions of the “you’re going to burn in hell!” types) won’t get the kind of shit many atheists give to religious people. I’ve seen FAR more instances of atheists cutting out religious people from their group and/or ridiculing then I ever have the religious people doing the opposite.

    I even see this at work.. most don’t dare say they’re anything other than far left on most of the open discussion mailing lists for risk of just being attacked for being racist, heartless, etc. Actually talk God.. and watch out. I’ve actually seen people state outright that they think anyone that believes in God shouldn’t have a voice in politics, and that’s the nicer stuff.

    Me? I’m not religious at all, and I actually don’t really like organized religions. I’m not an atheist either. I really don’t know WTF I believe. But I don’t give people shit over their beliefs, or lack of them, unless they’re off the deep end.

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  7. Ed Kline

    Yeah I call bullshit on this. I am a fairly vocal atheist, and it has never bit me in the ass, nor have I ever had a situation where I wished I had just kept mum on it.

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