Airplane Downed in Ukraine

I’ll pop up from my week off the internets to open a thread on Malaysian Airlines Flight 17, which was apparently shot down over the Eastern Ukraine today, possibly by Russian separatists. I’m not ruling out anything at this stage. We’ll have to see what comes out of this investigation. I’ll just note that I’m puzzled as to why the separatists would shoot down a passenger plane that was just passing 33,000 feet over their area. But given Putin’s attempts to blame the Ukraine for this, it’s looking bad for the separatists.

Stay tuned. This could go a lot deeper than we think.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    Obama is just showing the world how fucking tone-deaf he really is. His assclown liar with a microphone press secretary will provide spin later in an extra fucking lame attempt to gloss over it.

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    Sources are now saying that a AN-26 was in the same vicinity and near the same altitude. This is what the Rebels claimed they hit, and only later realized they got a passenger plane…
    This is believable…
    but distressing> Who the fuck provided the SAM? a SA-11 is not a small piece of gear. loaders, launchers radar tracks..command tracks, and you cant just get any run of the mill person to run that whole group.
    that takes training and experience, something most of these rebels do not have..
    As far as anyone knows the Ukrainians have not lost a SA-11 system…. so whom would have one? , the Russians of course……
    Why Vlad Why?

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  3. InsipiD

    I think there’s a good chance it could put Malaysia Airlines out of business, for two events they didn’t really control. A SAM fired at their passenger jet, and probably a rogue pilot.

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