Going Dark For A Week

So I’m off to the Land of the Big Sky tomorrow, heading out to Montana to visit some relatives. I will also be spending some time seeing Yellowstone and other national treasures before Obama leaves us all completely skint. That means I’ll go mostly dark for the next ten days: few if any posts or tweets. What little time I have for computers is going to be spent writing.

The one topic I did not get into but wanted to was the growing crisis at our border. I can only say that I agree with a of what Doug Mataconis says here. This is not a club for the parties to beat each other with over the issue of illegal immigration. This is a refugee crisis: parents sending their children to America in the desperate hope of avoiding a growing horror of drug violence in Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua. Most of these people are showing at border checkpoints and asking for asylum, not trying to sneak in. These are minors faced with the choice of joining in the violence or being a victim of it. There are no easy solutions to this. We simply can’t open our borders to hundreds of thousands of minors.

The situation has has been exacerbated, as bad situations usually are, by idiotic laws. In this case a Bush-era law that, in an effort to combat human trafficking, decreed that unaccompanied minors could not just simply be sent back; and an Obama-era law that was targeted at Mexican children but has given Central Americans the impression that children can easily get asylum here. Those laws needs to be changed and more resources need to devoted to the problem. Our border patrol are simply overwhelmed. But I expect nothing to be done because Congress and the President would rather argue about unrelated issues.

While I’m away, I expect the usual week from our political system: Obama will screw up again or some scandal news will emerge so that the MSM can ignore it; any good economic news will be attributed to Obama while bad news will be blamed on “austerity”; any setback in the Culture Wars — no matter what — will be attributed to the Hobby Lobby decision. Paul Krugman will say something smug and dumb. And Vox will there to Voxsplain how we really don’t understand the issues anyway.

Such is life in the political blogosphere. It will be good to have a week to clean out my mental spark plugs.

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  1. Section8

    Have fun Hal.

    Yeah the immigration is bad, but South America needs to fix their own problems and we certainly should not meddle, because that’s exactly want it would be called if we try to assist those countries in any way shape or form. We need not get involved, and for the children, they should be sent back to their country of origin, or since all these “refugees” bypassed Mexico to come here, we can send any willing man, woman, or child to any other morally superior Western nation who wants to step up to take them (I’m guessing crickets and tumbleweeds on that one).

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  2. AlexInCT

    Yeah the immigration is bad, but South America needs to fix their own problems and we certainly should not meddle

    Good luck with that. The countries in South America with the big problems are the ones that bought the progressive clap-trap in one form or another and have enacted the left’s agenda. The ones doing well – and there are a few despite the fact nobody in the LSM ever talks about them – are the ones that abandoned all that marxist “social justice” bullshit that basically leads to inept governments robbing the people blind like in Venezuela or the US.

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