They Both Deserve A Beat Down

Much like the rhetorical question referencing the connection between political corruption and the Democratic party (if a politician is going to jail, it is a good bet that he is a dem) another maxim involves the surety that foul mouthed pigs are usually always progressives. If there is an exchange over politics where one person is yelling profanities at another (who invariably takes it calmly and without provocation) the house money will always back the loud mouth as from the left, to some extent.

Check out this exchange;

Yeah, I didn’t know she could run either.

I’m thinking she stole that BK shirt somewhere, hard to imagine she is employed, anywhere.

A few words about abortion protesters. While I was glad to see SCOTUS strike down those goofy buffer zones around abortion clinics, there is a right way and a wrong way to protest. The kid that beast was yelling at looks like he is 12 years old, leave the kids at home, when you place your kids in danger (confronting wild eyed crazy unstable pro choicers is not for the meek) you are an unfit parent. I am also not a big fan of bloody fetus images, they are incendiary and apt to provoke more than persuade. I find these almost as disgusting as those “God Hates Fags” posters, if you are carrying one, you are an idiot.

Sporting objectionable inflammatory images of dead fetuses, you better expect to get an earful, and in that respect the kid handled himself well. But don’t call the cops over something as minor as the pig pushing you, she certainly can’t debate you or behave like an adult, that is a given, all she has is yelling and violence, limited quivers, all of them.

And in that same vane, this went down last week;

Years ago I had a talk with my kid and explained to him that his ability to communicate, both in speech, to be articulate, expressive and concise, and in the written word (vocabulary being like a well stocked tool box, always having the right tool for the job) will be his ticket to success. The flip side being that those easily prone to expletives and emotional outbursts prove an inability to express and communicate effectively.

And for some inexplicable reason, those spouting off spittle flying rants, finger pointing, f bombs flying, and blood vessel popping in their foreheads, you can bet they think Obama is dreamy and that the rich need to pay up.

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  1. Hal_10000

    Well said, Rich. The pro-choice protesters have been getting worse lately. There was that professor out in California who grabbed a pro-life protesters sign and destroyed it.

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  2. Miguelito

    Saw both videos already, but what cracks me up about the snaggletooth in the first one.. is that she’s even wrong. She screams at one point that “that’s not what a fetus looks like, it’s a clump of cells!” Uh.. no, after enough weeks, they look just like that.

    Like any bully, she suddenly was a total wuss once the cop was there too.

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  3. InsipiD

    That first one doesn’t seem to understand how freedom of speech works. “No uterus, no right to say anything.” No.

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