Blago Gets A Butt Buddy

Remember that racist do nothing Mayor Nagin of New Orleans, the guy that sat on his ass and ignored the “suggestions” of Bush to get his people out of the city the day before the hurricane struck? he is going to the big house;

Former New Orleans mayor C. Ray Nagin — who became the face of a desperate, drowning city during Hurricane Katrina — was convicted Wednesday on charges of accepting bribes from city contractors while in office.

Nagin, a Democrat, was found guilty by a federal jury on 20 of 21 criminal counts, including bribery, conspiracy and wire fraud. He was acquitted on one count of bribery.

Prosecutors said that Nagin accepted illegal gifts from contractors, beginning before Katrina hit and continuing afterward. Among the gifts: money, free vacation travel and truckloads of granite for Stone Age LLC, a business Nagin and his sons owned

When reflecting back on those awful days, one of the images that is forever seared in my brain is this;


Buses that could have evacuated thousands of residents, but sat idly by, unused and ultimately ruined.

Nagin was relentless in his vociferous condemnation of Bush and how he (Bush) ignored his people, leaving them to their fate.

Nagin is also notorious for his rather colorful speeches;

I know it is an overly used cliche linking Democrat run municipalities to corruption/neglect/incompetence but Holy Smokes does it pan out more often than not. Since unions and Democrats go together like PB & J (not sure who is in who’s back pocket, they alternate) the combination produces a virtual laboratory of duplicity and deceit. The Tax payers are the ultimate losers, but the poor get screwed as well, the only winners being the corrupt politicians and the businesses that feed the graft.

I would like to see more of these folks incarcerated, like one AG, several IRS employees, and many on capital hill.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    How long until the entire Detroit city government is behind bars on the general principle that they are criminally incompetent?

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  2. Technomad

    The effects of a major hurricane on NOLA were predicted before hand. The money to upgrade the dikes that failed was made available. And, surprise, surprise, the money never got spent on what it was supposed to be spent on.

    So of course, it was all the fault of Boosh.

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  3. Hal_10000

    I am still amazed, years later, that Bush got all the blame for that. It was like the Mayor of the City and the Governor of the State didn’t exist! They were just pawns in Bush’s game to … something.

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