And Then There Were Four

Since the US is out I don’t know if any more WC posts will garner much interest, but I’ll throw it out there just in case.

Germany/Brazil in about 2 hours. While I always root for the host country, I can’t see Brazil going forward, not without their two best players (one out on yellow cards and the other with a fractured spine). While watching the Brazil/Columbia match that first half had more muggings than the Chicago South Side on a Saturday night. I was amazed that the ref. let them grab/push/kick/trip, the only thing missing was brass knuckles. It took 70 plus minutes in to see the first yellow card, and I am firmly convinced that if the ref kept a better hold on that match, Neymar would not have gotten that knee in the back.

Despite the 0-0 score at the end of regulation, that Dutch/Costa Rica match was chock full of highlights. That CR goalie looked like Tim Howard, so many shots narrowly blocked or off the cross bar, and 2 great penalty kick saves for the Dutch, very exciting. I know there is much grousing over the format, but PK’s are the only way to go, there has to be some finality and playing until someone scores is just stupid. That is my big gripe about the slams in tennis, the US Open is the only one run intelligently, allowing a tie break in the fifth set.

My favorite going into the semi’s is The Dutch, you goota love a team that goes all orange, but really, any one of these four would be fine, all are top notch teams and deserving.

I will watch the remaining 3 matches (having watched more WC matches this year then ever before) I get the appeal, the best athletes in the world playing on a world stage and for their country, the drama is baked in to the cake.

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  1. Santino

    Someone forgot to tell Brazil there was a football match going on.

    I will watch the remaining 3 matches

    Don’t sell yourself short on the 3rd place match.

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  2. richtaylor365 *

    This is unbelievable.

    I know it’s over, but I gotta keep watching to see if;

    a) Germany runs it up to 10, or
    b) Someone from Brazil goes off on a German player and murders him in front of a billion plus audience.

    Don’t sell yourself short on the 3rd place match.

    Ah, forgot about that, of course I will watch.

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  3. Hal_10000

    That was unbelievable. I was a bit late and I get in and its’s already 5-0. I know Brazil was missing its two top players but they were so disorganized.

    Watching that, I could see why Klinsmann had such a conservative game plan against them. That could have been us.

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  4. richtaylor365 *

    Yahoo sports headline yesterday tagged the Dutch/Argentina match as “The worst semi final in WC history”, what was this guy watching?

    Sure, no one likes a 0-0 regulation going to PK’s, but that was because the defenders on both sides were superb.

    This morning I read this;–sow.html

    Why did they refuse? Was it because of the pressure? or maybe a rebuke to the coach? I want to know why and who weenied out, the Dutch fans need to know as well, pussies.

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  5. richtaylor365 *

    Those Brazilian fans are brutal, there was no rolling over in this consolation match (unlike the Germany match) they fought hard, yet still got booed by the home crowd.

    And yet one more match where the lone referee influenced the outcome by bad calls, too bad.

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