Mississippi Burning

You guys been watching the goings on in Mississippi? Cochran beat McDaniel narrowly in a very close Republican primary. Cochran is the old dyed in the wool politician, the guy that has been there for a hundred years, embedded in greed and cronyism, dead wood, the kind of guy that term limits were designed for. McDaniel was the young, energetic, Tea Party guy, the guy that recognizes the disease DC is infected with, the guy that still has his eye on the prize, some young blood that would inject some enthusiasm and some due diligence into the mix. Long story short, Cochran went democrat commando, signed his soul over to the devil, abandoned every principal known to man, and laid down with320x533xthad-mailer.jpg.pagespeed.ic.QY64YjY1LH dogs.

Listen to some of the ads they ran;

What a scumbag ,”If you want to keep your free shit, vote for me, the other guy won’t be bought so easily”.

What is worse, legitimizing the lies about the Tea Party, or courting dems to do your dirty work because you suspect that those of your own party, your constituents, would prefer someone more in line with their values?

So what do you do in November if you live in Mississippi? Do you vote for this creep and reward him for going dirty, or sit out, and risk a Dem taking that seat, a very valuable and coveted seat in the Senate, a place we need if we want any hope of derailing the emperor?

This is one reason why people hate politicians, and why folks turn Independent.


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  1. AlexInCT

    I read that he won only because some 25K democrats showed up to vote for him and that the election is under investigation because that’s not allowed by MS law. This guy is a scumbag and I would not be surprised that he worked with the left’s political machine to pull this off.

    Fuck term limits at this point. We need to cull the entrenched political class.

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  2. richtaylor365 *

    Interesting discussion over at MSNBC;

    The TP guy is right, Republicans are complicit in all that is wrong with DC, having a hand in creating the debt.

    I feel like South Carolina in 1860, those bozo’s do not speak for me, they do not represent my beliefs or fight for the values I hold. I just don’t know if a third party is the answer but Lordee am I tired my holding my nose and voting for a guy who’s only qualification is that is is not as crappy as the other guy. I can’t see crossing over and voting for the dem opponent, but sitting out sure is an option, letting the whole thing burn to the ground.

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  3. Biggie G

    From what I heard all week, MS has open primaries. Anyone can vote in either primary. If there is a runoff, in this case in the Republican primary, registered Republicans can vote in the runoff. Democrats who DID NOT vote in the Democratic primary can also vote in the Republican runoff.

    So, Democrats voting is not illegal. If they voted in the D race, that’s another story. The ads were still pretty crappy this permanent political class is not a good thing for our country.

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  4. hist_ed

    And that is what is being investigated-whether people who voted in the Dem primary also voted in the GOP primary, Given how close this was, it might be enough to overturn the results.

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  5. Seattle Outcast

    This is why you should only get to vote in the primary of your selected political party.

    Washington was forced into doing this some years back as a result of court decisions, there was a lot of bitching, all of it Democrat, when they found out they couldn’t derail the GOP candidates that they hated the most during the primaries.

    Crooked elections, thy name is Democrat, for though art a hypocritical asshole douchebag with no morality or ethics.

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  6. AlexInCT

    1500 in one county alone, dems and voter fraud go together like PB and J.

    The democratic party in the time of the Obama administration has again reminded me why democrats see foul play everywhere: criminals and crooks expect everyone else to be as corrupt and criminal in their intent as they are. It’s projection.

    That’s why the left sees racism, misogynism, homophobia, criminal behavior, and abuses in everything that doesn’t go their way: they immediately assume the other side outhustled them on the scummy behavior.

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