Fuck you pricks…

Let me start by admitting that yes, I am a diehard Redskins fan. Been one since I saw my first live football game back at the age of 12 in the old RFK stadium. Stuck with the team through thick and thin and even though I had no other reason than that’s the first team I chose to root for. I have always loved the team name and logo, and seen it as actually honoring the Native American tradition. Nobody names their team a pejorative name. You pick a name that gives you pride and reflect fighting spirit.

I never heard anyone say they wanted to root for the “New York Pansies” or the “Denver Snow Bunnies”, which is where I am seeing the PC crowd drive this derailed train towards. You want something fierce and reflective of your pride in that, so I never, ever, understood the idiots that implied the Redskins name was something other than a positive. Maybe I have lived a secluded life, but the Native Americans I know and have had the opportunity to discuss the issue with have to a man told me that that they never understood the problem the white man has with this team name. In fact, one of my good buddies told me that he felt the whole thing had nothing to do with red skin, and everything to do with green paper with dead white presidents on it, and I can’t argue with that wisdom.

Well, our litigious victimhood society seems to want to address an ill that’s not there, and some people, the same ones that always seem to be behind all these grievances, have again stood up to make assholes out of themselves. Political correctness is a fucking cancer on our society. Even worse is the insanity by these leftists that think they are doing something good or noble here, because they are not. What’s next? Some old marm says she doesn’t like the name “Miami Heat”, because she thinks that is a secret reference to S&M sex, the donkeys all see another opportunity to PC grandstand, and that team will have to change their name?

Rediculous. “Hail to the Redskins!”

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  1. bgeek

    Let me start by admitting that yes, I am a diehard Redskins fan.

    This explains everything. GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!garble

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  2. Seattle Outcast

    I have nothing against the name, and personally think all the PC jackasses should just go home.

    The logo is a bit dated, perhaps, as are many team logos these days, and might stand a bit of polishing up.

    However, if they do end up changing names, I think they need to stick with the NA theme. Thunderbirds, War Eagles, Warriors, etc, are all up for grabs…

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  3. Seattle Outcast

    This reminds of those idiots that wanted WB to get rid of Speedy Gonzales cartoons right up until the point they actually decided to talk to some people from Mexico about the character. Turns out they loved Speedy.

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