Now I am certain the WH was behind the IRS attacks

I am with Glenn H. Reynolds, whom I think hits the IRS scandal nail right on the head when he points out there is no way the WH was not involved. After revelations that Lois Lerner isn’t the only one whose emails the IRS has lost, there are 6 other people being investigated and all their emails conveniently have gone missing too, I can’t help but conclude this is deliberate.

We already know they have computer backups, even at the IRS which being a government entity conceivably is plagued by the fact nothing is too terrible for government work, so at a minimum this lost email nonsense amounts to stalling the ongoing investigation until after this or some other election. But considering the corruption and down right criminal nature of the left, and especially the members of this administration, I believe this is something far more nefarious that’s going on. They got caught. This WH directed the IRS to give the FBI confidential information so they could then attack political enemies. If it ended there things would already be horribly wrong, but there is more. Our media is helping the crooks cover up instead of telling the American people the truth. Worse yet, this is the story we know of. How many others are out there? How many people have been brought low by our own government agencies under command from the crooks that promised us better?

And yes, these are the fucking idiots that the left feel should run our healthcare. I can’t wait to be told by some asshole bureaucrat with delusions of grandeur that my records have been lost, and so, I am going to just buck up and die. That’s then followed by a smirk and a comment about how I didn’t lick my progressive betters’ fucking cocks with enough gusto. This is the future the left wants for all of us. Remember that whenever they tell you they care.

In the mean time Nixon says he wants to un-resign! If these fucks can actually do what he only asked for and get away with it, then he made a huge mistake caving in. Our media is disgusting. They are more than content to provide cover for these criminals, and are proud of helping fuck us all over.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    One article I read early pointed out that typically the cover-up is a bigger deal than the scandal itself, though with the obviously frantic and ever-less believable excuses the IRS is putting itself through it is getting to the point that the scandal itself must be absolutely fucking huge for them to put so much into the cover-up. Ergo, the scandal to be uncovered is actually going to be bigger than the buckets of denial and bullshit they are throwing on the fire.

    I think in the long run they are going to see the IRS so deep into the back pocket of the dems that mass firings will be made, and the IRS will suffer from congressional oversite (long overdue) that is all the way up their ass. Of course, the data sharing will incriminate all sorts of other agencies as well, and THAT will be the real scandal – we all already knew the IRS was crooked, lets find out where all that data got sent to illegally and what they did with it. Pieces of that was already surfacing via emails, and now it is suddenly getting shut down.

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  2. Hal_10000

    This honestly sounds like a comedy skit.

    “We want to see these records.”
    “Our hard drive crashed.”
    “OK, what about records on other computers.”
    “They all crashed”
    [sound of computers being smashed in the background]
    “What’s that noise?”
    “It’s nothing. Just spring cleaning. How about that Christie bridge thing?”

    Remember the Democrats lost their nut when the Bush Administration couldn’t recover a bunch of emails. But those e-mails had been sent over a private server. This is much worse.

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