Floppers Will Be Shot

I know it’s early but anybody watching the World Cup?

Keeping this post strictly on the sports aspect, Brazil is a mess, poverty as far as the eye can see, shitty economy, host country spending way more than they should have (hello, Sochi)I wonder if anyone in America is watching.

The US team being placed in the “death group” I expected little from them.

ESPN2 has none stop coverage, 3 matches a day, so I will stop by to see what’s shaking. That Dutch beat down over defending champ Spain was pretty sweet. Watching the highlights is probably the best way to go, although catching it live is pretty cool, some of the best plays are incredible saves by the goalie.

My first reaction to the couple of matches I have seen, what is up with these floppers? I saw 2 yesterday where the guy was not even touched and he dropped arms flailing like he was just shot. I know soccer is steeped in tradition, but you guys need to get modern, adopt instant replay, and either dole out some fines, or even better, some suspensions.

I look at what they did in the NBA, and see an even greater need for it here, here the field is huge and an official is expected to make a call on a play where he was either blocked by other players, or was 75 feet away. These penalty kicks awarded to floppers in the box, kicks that can literally win the game with one shot, it’s just wrong.

I’m watching the Chile/Aussie match, it’s amazing, for such great athletes every bit of contact causes mass writhing on the ground like the guy just lost an arm.

I suspect our British readers are watching, anybody else?

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  1. AlexInCT

    Saw that first game between Brazil and Croatia, and I don’t think Brazil made that strong of a showing. Today’s game between Mexico & Cameroon sucked. The one between the Dutch and the Spanish however was something else. That was the world champion getting their ass handed to them by the orange (whom had to wear white for some reason). Watching Chile and Australia right now.

    And Brazil has always been a shit hole. It has been a long time since I have been there. Think my last visit was in 82 where I hit the Carnival there. Most of the people where nice back then, but I have been told that’s not the case anymore.

    Heard the Brazilian prostitutes were all ready for the cup. My advice the gents is to make sure you are dealing with a female if you partake of that. I have been told that Brazil sure has a large population of trannies, and they seem to be attracted to prostitution as a job.

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  2. Section8

    I never watch it. I do however have to give these guys credit. It’s like running a marathon but having to hard stop and start and kick. Certainly one of the tougher sports out there.

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  3. Miguelito

    I don’t really care for the sport ball games of any type. :)

    I’ve been wasting far too much time playing Watch Dogs these last few weeks, in my free time.

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  4. Hal_10000

    I’m sorry I missed the Spanish Inquisition today. I’m not happy about the US’s prospects in the Group of Death though.

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  5. ilovecress

    Ah the diving controversy….

    It looks like technology will be brought in, but more because FIFA need to create a distraction from some of the shadier accusations that surround the Qatar bid.

    For me, the diving thing is part and parcel of the game. Each player decides if they want to be ‘that sort of player’ and may get a few decisions go their way. The flip side is that once a player gets a reputation, then refs stop giving them the decisions – allowing huge centrebacks to kick them in the head a little more than usual. I like that narrative in there.

    The Sapin result was a stunner – a real era changer in world football. The tiki taka style of football has dominated for the past five years, and finally everyone has worked out how to beat it. Also the Dutch manager is f*cking mental, so should be fun.

    England play tomorrow. I’m not sure what to expect. If we make it out of the group, It’ll be a success.

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  6. hist_ed

    There has always been a lot of acting in soccer. Some players do it; some don’t. My brother played pro for about 20 years in the US. He was not an actor. On one of his teams, the leading scorer (Kai Haskivi) after every goal would pretend to be chewing gum. Apparently he thought that this made it look like every goal was easy. Lots of other players would take dives at any opportunity. You see, so many times, someone rolling around in pretend agony and then up 2 seconds later dashing for the ball. On my over 30 co-ed team, one of our players does this sort of crap all the time. Bleh.

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  7. CM

    Cress, sorry about that England result. Some promising signs for England though (and sheesh, where did that English rugby team come from, they’re awesome).

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  8. ilovecress

    I’m not too worried about Englands result – I’m actually enjoying watching them, so I’m actually more encouraged bya abattleing 2-1 defeat to Italy, than, say, a 1-1 draw with the USA.

    That Messi goal just now….. :-)

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  9. Xetrov

    That Messi goal was awesome. Sorry for England, that was a tough loss. The Japan game was fun to watch as well. Here’s to hoping the US team can pull out a miracle.

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  10. Santino

    Am I the only one that is happy with Italy’s victory? :)

    That Messi goal just now

    How apropos. Instead of flopping when the defender lunged for the ball he chose to deke (pardon the hockey terminology) around the defender and scored. How many other players would’ve dove hoping for a free kick?

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  11. richtaylor365 *

    I thought that Messi goal was OK, nothing special considering that it took a defender deflection off the leg to stir it in.

    2 goals by the Dutch ( the first and the fifth) had that one beat, that last one, beating two defenders in a full sprint, then juking the goalie and threading the needle, now that was buzz worthy. You can see them here;


    So what is the prettiest goal in your opinion? A header off a full lunge is nice, so is the bending like Beckham around the goal post, but for my money I really like the 40 meter away laser into the corner, with a speed that could knock down a mountain and puts the goal 6 feet horizontal.

    Good test for the USA team today.

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  12. CM

    Santino if you’re against flopping how can you possibly be happy with a victory for the Italian football team?! They’re the worst.

    Great World Cup thus far. Long may the open and attacking mentality continue.

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  13. Santino

    Santino if you’re against flopping how can you possibly be happy with a victory for the Italian football team?!

    Ancestral bias? I only caught the second half, and I don’t recall any egregious diving. That’s mainly because Italy invariably falls into their comatose conservative style. Wouldn’t want to interrupt the game with a foray or two down field to try and score another goal. Even though England clearly left the right side. BTW I was really impressed by that Sterling kid.

    They’re the worst.

    My vote goes to the Central and South American teams.

    That was an awesome game.

    It was certainly exciting, even though the US was on their heels for pretty much the entire second half. Bradley really needs to show up next game if they want any chance of advancing (MLS hangover?). I loved Jones’ hard nosed style of play, he was all over the place!

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  14. CM

    Yeah the Italians didn’t flop nearly as much as normal. Every team seems to be getting into the spirit of it all.

    Sterling was certainly impressive indeed. He’s going to be a star, Whereas Rooney seems to get more lethargic and less impressive every year.

    Well done USA! Be great for the game if this increases attention there.

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  15. CM

    Forgot to add – Iran looked pretty decent. Great result from them.
    I hear the Croats look good, but only naked in the pool after the game……

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  16. richtaylor365 *

    Be great for the game if this increases attention there.

    Do you guys get ESPN in NZ? During halftime and after the game the network panned to about half a dozen different venues through out the country, the game drew huge amount of fans. The broadcaster also mentioned that the USA has more fans on scene in Brazil than any other country, no doubt you saw the crowd, World Cup has already got our attention.

    I was watching that Pepe headbutt, true to theme of the post, Muller did a massive flop that precipitated that headbutt, Pepe will be out for the Sunday match up with USA. But Altidore will probably also be out, so it just got harder.

    A good match up tomorrow with Brazil vs. Mexico.

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  17. CM

    Yep sure do, I’ve been watching the NBA finals and I catch an MLB game when I can. For the World Cup I upgraded my package to get all the sports channels in HD too (it also coincides with All Black rugby tests and NZ cricket tests).
    I did not know that about the US, that is awesome to hear. I also hear that the All Black test match v USA at Soldier Field (1 November) sold 30,000 tickets on the first day of sales (half the ground capacity) – impressive. First time the All Blacks have played in the US since 1980.
    Yeah Brazil v Mexico should be good indeed. Mexico kept us out of the finals by beating us in the final playoff series (we qualified last time and finished as the only unbeaten team in the whole comp…..ok we didn’t win a game either….;-))

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  18. Xetrov

    Interesting statistic – http://online.wsj.com/articles/u-s-match-in-world-cup-sets-a-tv-record-1403034850

    Americans are increasingly developing a taste for the “beautiful game,” at least when their own team is playing.

    Monday night’s World Cup match between the U.S. and Ghana drew 15.9 million viewers total between the two channels carrying the game, ESPN and Univision, according to preliminary overnight Nielsen ratings. The figure set World Cup viewership records for both networks.

    The ratings trounced the audience for the National Hockey League’s Stanley Cup finals on Friday, which attracted 6 million TV viewers. Perhaps more surprising, the viewership numbers for the soccer game had an admirable showing against Sunday’s National Basketball Association finals game between the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat, which attracted 17.9 million viewers.

    Only two million less than the NBA Finals game? Wow.

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  19. Xetrov

    BTW – has anyone else noticed the plethora of Doodles on Google’s home page for the World Cup? Seems like there’s a new one every few hours (15 different ones already according to their site). Yet they couldn’t manage to put even one together for Memorial Day or Christmas.

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  20. richtaylor365 *

    Yeah, I noticed it a few days ago when the USA was playing Ghana, there are some clever folks over there, find out what interests them (soccer, Earth Day, May Day, birthdays of Che, Cesar or Obama) and they are balls to the wall.

    Oh, and I hear Dempsey has a broken nose from that Ghana match, wonderful.

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