They have been doing that for 5 years now!

What’s the “THAT” that I am referring to? I wrote before about that snow job they tried to use to hide the damage done by the left’s policies. Well, others are also pointing out that the members of the DNC controlled LSM have been desperately spinning ever worsening economic data in order to help their incompetent marxists-fascist nanny stater fellow travelers ruining the economy from receiving their due:

The big news Thursday was that America’s economy shrank during the first quarter of 2014, its worst performance in three years — but reporting that news apparently didn’t sit well with several major media outlets.

The U.S. Commerce Department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis revised the numbers downward from prior estimates to show the nation’s GDP contracted at an annual rate of negative 1 percent. It was the first negative quarter since 2011, and one more three-month stretch in the red would put the U.S. is back in recession. But nightly newscasts sought to present the data as a blip, blaming it on the weather — if they mentioned it at all.

“All that snow and ice froze business, but most economists believe it sets the economy up for rebound this quarter and there are some encouraging signs in the numbers,” CBS News’ Anthony Mason reported.

Neither ABC nor NBC reported the disappointing numbers at all. The preliminary quarterly estimate from the U.S. Department of Commerce had been that the economy grew at a modest 0.1 percent rate.

Economists, including those at the Federal Reserve, generally agree that unusually brutal weather played a role in the economy contracting by a full percent for the first three months of the year. Some say President Obama’s economic policies didn’t help, either. But while that kind of analysis has a place in fair and balanced reporting, such rosy spin rarely found its way into headlines during the economic doldrums of the Bush administration.

“When the media aren’t ignoring bad economic news to protect Obama, they’re spinning it into good news,” Media Research Center’s Brent Baker, who drew attention to the apparent double standard on the MRC’s NewsBusters site, told “That sure wasn’t a favor the press corps ever provided George W. Bush.”

The New York Times used the double entendre “Frigid First Quarter” to characterize both the lack of economic growth and the reason for it, while media outlets more versed in economics, such as Forbes, simply stated the facts up front and allowed informed sources to provide commentary below.

Brutal weather my ass. The real brutality against our economy is five plus years of deficit spending that make the worst Boosh years look like peanuts, and all while passing a slew of economy destroying pie-in-the-sky leftard laws that have devastated any chance for growth, culminating with the biggest economy damaging piece of garbage to ever slam the American people: Obamacare.

There must be an election soonish….

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  1. Hal_10000

    You know, I’m not completely sure, but I think we may have had cold winters before. They didn’t plunge us into negative growth.

    In fairness, the numbers for the first two months of this quarter look a lot better. But if this were happening under President Romney, we’d be hearing about how we’re one quarter away from being back in recession because REPUBLICANS.

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  2. AlexInCT *

    You know, I’m not completely sure, but I think we may have had cold winters before. They didn’t plunge us into negative growth.

    True dat man. True dat. Maybe we have become big pussies and a little cold and snow now derail everything. Then again, I think this is just excuse making, because admitting what is going on right now is not a good thing, by people that refuse to concede that what they thought was sound economic policy turns out to be insane bullshit, would cripple the left.

    In fairness, the numbers for the first two months of this quarter look a lot better.

    If the established pattern holds, they will be down graded, a couple of times, with nobody mentioning that is what is happening. They will keep reporting rosy numbers while the reality is that the shit hit the fan.

    But if this were happening under President Romney, we’d be hearing about how we’re one quarter away from being back in recession because REPUBLICANS.

    Remember when 3 to 4% unemployment number and a booming economy was a sign things were bad and about to get worse? I frankly feel neither party is up to the challenge to fix the mess they have led us into, but to let the democrats at it is like using a chainsaw to slash your wrist while dousing it with gasoline and lighting you on fire, instead of the razor blade in the warm tub that the republicans would use. “Social Justice” will be the end of the prosperity humanity has seen for the last 18 decades, give or take a few, and the reason we will end up in another dark age. Mark my words.

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  3. CM

    I’m not sure many nations, if any, will see anything like 3-4% growth for the foreseeable future. The new normal looks like it’s going to be 1-2%.

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  4. balthazar

    Thats what the same commie fucking apologists said when Carter was doing his retarded shit too. then well, Reagan or some shit.

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  5. balthazar

    too bad that if you really look at those number the majority of the “increase” in gdp can be attributed to the VAST increases in gov spending during Dem terms. When shit gets really bad, sne the dems get kicked, te reps are left with the peices.

    Look at the numbers dipshit. Dems actually have like a five fold increase in so called “defense” spending. and huge increases oin all areas of gov, which this useless sudy includes. Guess what retard, GOV MONEY EVENTUALLY TANKS THE ECONOMY.

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  6. Section8

    Democrats would no doubt like to attribute the large D-R growth gap to better
    macroeconomic policies, but the data do not support such a claim. Fiscal policy reactions seem
    close to “even” across the two parties, and monetary policy is, if anything, more pro-growth
    when a Republican is president—even though Federal Reserve chairmen appointed by
    Democrats outperform Federal Reserve chairmen appointed by Republicans.
    It seems we must look instead to several variables that are mostly “good luck.” Specifically,
    Democratic presidents have experienced, on average, better oil shocks than Republicans, a better
    legacy of (utilization-adjusted) productivity shocks, and more optimistic consumer expectations
    (as measured by the Michigan ICE).

    Of course there are other factors for a prosperous society outside GDP, such as inflation, growth environments for small businesses rather than just doing favors for the corporate world to increase their empires, etc., and who controlled Congress at the time. Perhaps the Bush years would have been better with a dem controlled Congress given the GOP as a whole during the Bush years sure as shit weren’t the pro free market, budget tightening group they sold themselves as. Not that the dems controlling anything is any better, but might have put up more of a fight to stop some of the policies just out of spite. Anyhow, Nixon didn’t have a problem admitting he was a Keynesian, and both Bushs just sucked in my opinion. I’m an ideologue, and believe in getting as close to free market as possible with most of the control of government at the local level. The GOP establishment `while slightly better on this issue than the Dems are only slightly better.

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  7. Hal_10000

    Carter’s growth was a bit bullshit. We were riding an inflationary wave, which can make the economy seem to be doing well when it isn’t. When Volker put the brakes on, we had a severe recession the first year of Reagan’s presidency. After that, we recovered with real growth.

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