Prepare for more economic havoc

So, it seems that according to the NYT, whom I will admit is neither impartial or trustworthy when it comes to reporting the facts and truths about things the left does, that there was a ruling, not by any court but just by the rogue IRS agency that would deny employers the ability to not offer healthcare:

WASHINGTON — Many employers had thought they could shift health costs to the government by sending their employees to a health insurance exchange with a tax-free contribution of cash to help pay premiums, but the Obama administration has squelched the idea in a new ruling. Such arrangements do not satisfy the health care law, the administration said, and employers may be subject to a tax penalty of $100 a day — or $36,500 a year — for each employee who goes into the individual marketplace.

The ruling this month, by the Internal Revenue Service, blocks any wholesale move by employers to dump employees into the exchanges.

Under a central provision of the health care law, larger employers are required to offer health coverage to full-time workers, or else the employers may be subject to penalties.

Many employers — some that now offer coverage and some that do not — had concluded that it would be cheaper to provide each employee with a lump sum of money to buy insurance on an exchange, instead of providing coverage directly.

But the Obama administration raised objections, contained in an authoritative question-and-answer document released by the Internal Revenue Service, in consultation with other agencies.

The health law, known as the Affordable Care Act, builds on the current system of employer-based health insurance. The administration, like many in Congress, wants employers to continue to provide coverage to workers and their families.

“I don’t think that an employer-based system is going to be, or should be, replaced anytime soon,” President Obama said recently, when asked if the law might speed the erosion of employer-sponsored insurance.

Score one for the marxists-fascists in ruining the US, making it so government can take over healthcare, and fighting evil profits, you say? Well sure, if you think the IRS is the ultimate legal authority, and the constitution is just some old piece of paper we can let the left wipe their asses with. I know this sort of extra-legal bullshit has been a pattern with the left, where organizations form the DOJ to the EPA decide how to interpret laws, or even write their own laws, while the judicial branch just sits by idly and lets this usurpation of power go ahead, but this one is bound to result in massive litigation. And it won’t work either way.

When faced with an overwhelming cost increase that directly undermines their ability to function as a profitable entity (this is the real reason the left hates the private sector), for whatever reason, employers will do what they have always done: they will cut costs by shrinking their workforce. The economic woes we see now are just the beginning of something far worse, and believe you me it will get worse. Most large companies are already looking at their alternatives and options. I expect a much larger push for even more outsourcing and a drastic reduction of their work force. Those that they opt to keep on their payrolls will be expected to pick up the slack, without any jump in compensation, as usual. Many companies will drop their employees from the plans, because the cost of healthcare will be too much. Especially those employees that do cost more than whatever arbitrary cap they set. $36K for healthcare is nothing when you are paying for people with some costly condition. There will be a lot of part time companies out there sooner than later, too. Think the economic situation is bad right now? Well, it is about to get even worse.

BTW, this article smells of nothing but battlespace preparation. It is replete with nonsense leftard shit that won’t stand the test of time, and blatantly intended to temporarily give the left, which is looking at a shellacking in November of this year because of Obamacare, some temporary cover at the polls. Don’t you believe these liars and their mouthpieces in the LSM. The NYT is doing nothing more than providing the tyrants cover for the coming election. This is going to be contested, and in the end, we will all end up as government dependents for our healthcare. That has been the plan from the start for these marxist-fascists whom believe that once government controls healthcare they will truly own us serfs, and the idiots that keep voting for them out of greed and envy.

Try as they might, the left will never be able to regulate the laws of economics and human nature, and that concept of social justice will only lead to more hell on earth instead of that heaven the marxist-fascists think their new god – big government – can provide them. The oligarchs and those connected to them will prosper, while the rest of us will all end up equally miserable, because that’s the way socials justice always plays out.

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