Google My Middle Finger

Sometimes I am down right embarrassed to be a Google shareholder;

Google Draws a Blank for Memorial Day

Is it jingoistic to expect these clowns to at least acknowledge some of the more patriotic (and American) holidays once and a while? Never one to miss a chance at creativity when remembering Che or Mao’s birthday, Earth Day, tributes to Salinsky, the origins of “What do we want {fill in the blank}, when do we want it, NOWWWWWW!!!”, Google is a by product of the Obama legacy, celebrating a more world view, a world which would be much better if America would just cool it’s jets from time to time.

Apple is another one of those stocks where you have to check your patriotism (and reasoning) at the door;

It may be hard for some to fathom how a merger between big government and big business is a good thing. Certainly it’s far from a plus for individual liberty. But that would seem to be Apple CEO Tim Cook’s agenda.
Cook, at the company’s annual shareholder meeting, said skeptics of climate change should sell their shares in Apple’s stock

Well, at least he called me a skeptic (guilty as charged) and not a “denier”, you think he knows the difference?

It’s a tough job, being a stone cold capitalist, especially when I have to listen to sanctimonious CEO’s who forget that nobody made them king, and that their job security is directly tied to their ability to make us shareholders money.

Those folks at Google should be ashamed that they got nothing for Memorial Day, for them it’s just a day to have off, thanks to unions, of course.

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  1. Xetrov

    I’m confused as to how Google picks what Doodles to celebrate. Tomorrow we will be blessed with the 107th birthday of Rachel Louise Carson (Who?!?), but they couldn’t get one created for Memorial Day? Never-mind missing Easter.

    At least at the moment down below the search they have a small American flag with a yellow ribbon over it that when you move your mouse over it says “Memorial Day 2014″, but not even a link to search results off of that.

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  2. richtaylor365 *

    That American flag with the yellow ribbon was not there when I wrote the post. Someone over there woke up and added it on.

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  3. Section8

    Yeah Rich, after seeing your post I checked it out and it was not there. At least they have something now. I think it’s sufficient given this is a day of memory. But yeah, the fact that it didn’t show up until mid afternoon ET is rather pathetic.

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  4. Iconoclast

    Never-mind missing Easter.

    They didn’t “miss” it at all. THey snubbed it. Last year (2013), Easter Sunday happened to be the same day as Caesar Chavez’ birthday. Guess which one Google honored?

    They’re chosen based on a globalist liberal agenda. No mystery to that…


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