Death panels? What death panels?

As we discover how bad the VA medical rationing scandal under the Obama presidency is and the VA admits at least 23 people died waiting for care (and that number is likely far higher), I am hearing a ton of collectivists defenders of Obamacare trying real hard to distance Obamacare from the way the VA healthcare system was being run. Don’t let that happen. Back before the health rationing problems and the deaths that resulted from it at the VA came out some of Obamacare’s biggest proponents were touting the VA model as an example of how well Obamacare would work. It looks like they were right, even if they didn’t mean it in the way we are now finding out. Those of us that pointed out amongst the many problems of Obamacare that it would lead to death panels, have been vindicated, yet again.

And don’t be fooled into thinking that the collectivists, even faced with the political damage these revelations are causing to their agenda, want to do much to fix the problem. A bill to remediate the situation, as with anything intended to help the good people of this country, was killed by Reid and the demcorats in the senate. If there was any justice in the universe, those of us that pointed out exactly how bad Obamacare would play out, only to be rebuffed by the usual class warfare idiots for daring to point out their fantasy about unicorns farting pretty rainbows was just that, now that we are vindicated, would also get to see Obamacare get the death panel treatment: put on a waiting list and left to die. Remember

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    Anyone that has ever dealt with a VA hospital has known for decades that they are a model of inefficiency and lack of treatment. You don’t go to the VA for help, you go there to die…

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  2. Seattle Outcast

    One thing that would force an improvement at the VA hospitals is mandate all members of congress and the senate to use the VA hospital nearest to their legal residence for 100% of their medical treatment.

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