Another class warrior caught manipulating data?

The left, including our own Right Thinking leftists, have been telling us how bad the income inequality has become, thus justifying their believe they should be allowed to play god, and providing data from the fabled class warfare book recently put out by Thomas Piketty director of the Paris School of Economics and a self avowed marxist class warrior to make the case for their wealth redistribution schemes.

Pickity’s work makes the claim that income inequality is at it’s highest level now and needs to be dealt with before things get worse. That means the left should pick winners and losers, and hammer those trying to join the ranks of the wealthy by confiscating as much of their income as possible. Note that the left always focuses on earnings, but never wants to go after the fortunes of the super wealthy which always, without exception, tend to be leftists themselves. Something has to be done! Can’t have the world be injust and all that.

But Pickity’s work has a big problem according to people that have taken a closer look, and now they are saying that the errors he made are not accidental but manipulations of the facts to make the case for the class warrior’s agenda.

Can’t say I am surprised. This is the way the left works. I can’t put my finger on it but there is another one of the pillars of the church of the envious and greedy classists that has been exposed as suffering from the same lack of scientific rigor. There too they manipulated data and conveniently lost it. Amongst other things, but tell us their conclusions are accurate and fact despite all the evidence to the contrary. If we go bye how the left reacted to that kick in the pants, I expect them to make the claim Pickety is right, regardless of what he has done, and that those that have shown he is full of it are at fault. Probably even sponsored by some special interests, while again ignoring that Pickity’s work serves to justify theft by the biggest special interest organizations on the planet: nanny state collectivist governments.

If the left produced it, question it. And yes, if the right did it, do the same. But do it on scientific grounds. Don’t let the people that tell you because it is funded by special interests it has to be lies frame the argument against science. And you can bet your ass that whatever agenda of the left it is, from undermining the 2nd amendment to pretending we need more class warfare, they will argue that the other side is funded by evil special interests. All while they are funded by the people with the deepest pockets ever: collectivist run nanny states that stand to benefit from these fabrications.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    Piketty said the discrepancies were simply adjustments to raw data to smooth them over time and across countries.

    Or as people who work with numbers all day call it: “data forcing” – or “lying” will work, since it’s the same thing.

    Briffa and Mann did the same thing….

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  2. Hal_10000

    I’ll wait and see what happens. The Reigart data had similar problems but their broad conclusions were still accurate.

    Frankly, I’ve heard a lot of people saying that even if you accept PIketty’s data, it doesn’t support his conclusions.

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