Left caught posturing again.

So Obama, and most of the left that now seems totally missing in action when it comes to our rights and whatever the left has renamed the action against terrorism, were then, and are now, all full of shit. Back when Boosh was president we lived in a theocratic thugocracy, with people’s freedoms violated by things like the patriot act. Back then we tortured non-American terrorists, imprisoned them without due process, and violated all the rights the left granted them, be it through the Constitution of the United States of America or the Geneva convention, both entities that shouldn’t apply to ununiformed foreign combatants, and in general were a nation led by evil people. These days where we know for a fact that the NSA and the rest of the Obama administration, all caught red-handed spying on us, consider American citizens a far greater danger. So much so that when we finally have a chance to redress the evils of the Patriot Act, evils Obama himself protested when this law was passed, one is left wondering why the Obama WH would strip out that reform:

The U.S. House of Representatives has substantially reduced the effectiveness of the USA FREEDOM Act, a surveillance reform bill that sought to end mass collection of U.S. citizens’ data. House Leadership was pressured by the Obama Administration to weaken many of the bill’s provisions. The EFF and the Center for Democracy & Technology had both given their backing to the bill earlier this month, but they’ve now withdrawn their support. CDT Senior Counsel Harley Geiger said, “The Leadership of the House is demonstrating that it wants to end the debate about surveillance, rather than end bulk collection. As amended, the bill may not prevent collection of data on a very large scale in a manner that infringes upon the privacy of Americans with no connection to a crime or terrorism. This is quite disappointing given the consensus by the public, Congress, the President, and two independent review groups that ending bulk collection is necessary.”

Robyn Greene of the Open Technology Institute added, “We are especially disappointed by the weakening of the language intended to prohibit bulk collection of innocent Americans’ records. Although we are still hopeful that the bill’s language will end the bulk collection of telephone records and prevent indiscriminate collection of other types of records, it may still allow data collection on a dangerously massive scale. Put another way, it may ban ‘bulk’ collection of all records of a particular kind, but still allow for ‘bulky’ collection impacting the privacy of millions of people. Before this bill becomes law, Congress must make clear—either through amendments to the bill, through statements in the legislative record, or both—that mass collection of innocent people’s records isn’t allowed.”

As I pointed out then when the left protested this stuff it was never about protecting our freedoms but about them assuming that given the power those in the opposition power would resort to the same abuses of power democrats would surely do given the chance. What’s that I hear out there? A drone? Oh, shit. Obama is da bomb! He is so good for us….

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  1. Ed Kline

    What’s interesting to watch, is conservatives who are so acutely aware of the hypocrisy currently shown by the average Obama supporter, but still so fantastically unaware of their own hypocrisy during Bush’s reign.
    This is not a dig at you Alex, we have our differences, but I didn’t know you in 2008 and before, so I do not know what you were advocating back then.
    I will say that when Obama was elected ( I didn’t vote for him) I was happy with some of the things he said he would do :
    Close Guamtanamo, repeal the Patriot Act, pull us out of Iraq and Afghanistan very quickly, be fantastically transparent etc… He didn’t do any of them.
    I do find it very troubling that there are so many conservatives who are so resolutely focused on hating Obama and people on the left, that when Obama didn’t do those very things I wanted ( and presumably what many of those conservative not only didn’t want, but defended Bush for doing with a passion) they ( the conservatives) gleefully have pointed out Obama’s ‘failures’ to not live up to his promises. Why???!!
    He didn’t do those very things they claimed to be against him doing. In many ways 6 more years of Bush, much more so than promised, but not one ever seems to be happy about it.
    I know I’m not happy about it, but those were promises Obama made that I wanted him to keep.

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  2. Dave D

    ANYTHING that Bush did that I disagreed with at the time would have been exponentially WORSE if done by a president Gore. Not in perception, but actual impact and “degree of shredding” of our constitution. The Hopey-Changey clowns have shredded our rights at a MUCH faster pace than Bush did IMO.

    Also, the Candyland Liberals and their complicit press won’t let us nominate a true conservative or libertarian, so Bush may be about the best we could have gotten or will ever get (sadly). 9/11 gave Dubyah a lot of freedom that he probably would not have had devoid of that disaster, also. He sure didn’t “waste a crisis”.

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  3. Seattle Outcast

    consider American citizens a far greater danger

    The phrases to keep in mind are “disgruntled veterans” and “domestic terrorist”, which pretty much explains the ransacking of generals and admirals that’s been going for the last several years, the build-up of fed government agency sniper and paramilitary teams, distribution of military vehicles and gear to police forces amid lies of “increased violent crime”, massive ammo purchases by the government for non-military use, and coercive programs to shut down legal firearms businesses. Let’s toss in the NSA for good measure, and this sort of shit left tin-foil hat territory a few years ago.

    Remember, Obama’s always wanted a “Federal Police Force” separate from the military that operated on his orders, and apparently with the intent express of cracking down with lethal force on anybody that doesn’t toe the line of his imperial presidency.

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  4. Seattle Outcast

    I will say that when Obama was elected ( I didn’t vote for him) I was happy with some of the things he said he would do :
    Close Guamtanamo, repeal the Patriot Act, pull us out of Iraq and Afghanistan very quickly, be fantastically transparent etc… He didn’t do any of them.

    Shame on you for believing such an obvious liar would follow through on any of that.

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