Not the title I would use, and other stuff like that

Bloomberg has an article up, titled Dow Companies Invest in Clinton — With One Holdout, in which they make the assertion that 29 out of 30 Dow Jones companies have chosen to donate to Hillary Clinton. That gave me a good laugh, seeing as, at least to me, and to anyone that has any intelligence, I add, that this is more akin to a combination of these companies paying Dane geld to avoid the famous Clinton wrath, and them buying favor from the political party and person most likely to be for sale. Before you try to argue that I am being unfair saying this I would like to remind you how the Clintons sold out the Lincoln room for donation. You didn’t forget that, right?

What you have here is nothing other than these companies hedging their bets and “investing” in buying the favors from the candidate most likely to hold a grudge and sell favors. But of course, the demcorats are the party of the little people, and Hillary their Joan of Arc. Yu buy favors from the left in crony capitalist America. BTW, this harpy also seems to not have picked up on how problematic admitting you think the sheep should not have the means to defend themselves is. And Lewinsky seems to have crawled out of whatever rock she had been hiding under to remind people who the original “War on Women” perps are.

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