Yeah, sure… Not that there is anything wrong with that..

I am sorry, but my bullshit detector went on high alert when I saw this article titled Sociologists have found that sporty young men enjoy hopping into bed with other straight guys for a bit of nonsexual spooning. Are we to take this seriously?

‘‘I love a quick cuddle. Just so you remember your friends are around and are there for you.” This is John, a self-identified straight guy who took part in a study investigating attitudes toward same-sex cuddling at a university in the U.K. Researchers found that 97.5% of heterosexual, male college athletes have shared a bed with another guy and 93.5% have indulged in spooning. “We very often have hangover cuddles and naps together,” reported another participant named Max.

The findings were published in the latest issue of the journal Men and Masculinities. In it, researchers Eric Anderson and Mark McCormack describe how changing attitudes toward homosexuality have lessened stigma around nonsexual contact, and that the majority of young men now have no problem being affectionate with their friends—a particularly common trend among those on sports teams.

This journal must be the equivalent of Playgirl. You know, that Playboy publication that portended to be directed at women, but really was targeted at mandaters. Then again, this could be a metrosexual European thing too. They tend to do real strange shit across the pond. Maybe one of our foreign contributors can opine on this and let us know about their own personal experiences cuddling with other dudes, be it before a game, or going out to grab a pint. I will stick to chicks, and I bet John in the article above sits down when he pees too.

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  1. AlexInCT *

    I played soccer when I was younger, while living in either in Europe or South America, and enjoyed it. I assure you that back then none of the straight guys would do anything other than give you a beat down if you suggested cuddling to show support for your team mates. I based that on the fact that any loser acting all prissy and faking falls and injuries to get free kicks, like they do so frequently these days, would not have lasted long back then either. I admit that it’s no longer the same game, with drama queens being the more popular players, but I still find it hard to believe they would go for crap like this, SO. I smell a rat. This article is more like someone telling them to actually do this than an admission that it goes on…

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  2. Seattle Outcast

    Sounds more like a gay fantasy – certainly isn’t reality.

    I’ve been involved in some sort of athletics most of my life – not once have I ever seen a bunch of straight men cuddle with each other afterwards. Drink beer, get a meal, and start hitting on girls? Yeah, all the time.

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