So I am not the only one that saw through the bullshit?

When I originally started seeing the minimally covered LSM spin about the seriously disappointing U.S. First Quarter Gross Domestic Product numbers, and stories like this one claiming the reason we only saw a 0.1% growth instead of the projected already crappy 1.2%, was the harsh winter, my bullshit detector went off. On the one hand the LSM has been trying real hard to pretend the past winter was not one of the nastiest, coldest, and long lasting winters we have seen in a long time – the AGW narrative suffers from stuff like this, especially since people now are immediately on guard when both warming and cooling are blamed on AGW by the watermelons – so that might have been a factor. But the fact remains that we have had none of the economic growth the leftards keep telling us has been right around the corner for over 5 years now – thanks to the Keynesian bullshit that really did nothing but line the pockets of a few connected people and most democrat politicians at the expense of the productive US tax payers in the private sector – despite their efforts to convince you of the contrary.

The private sector in the US has been under assault, for over 6 years now, since the left started focusing more on their class warrior redistribution shit than actually doing things that grow the economy. If you need proof that the left knows what they are doing has drastic economy damaging consequences look at the shit they are doing around Obamacare. It’s not coincidental that the WH chose to push out the changes caused by the employer mandate until after the 2014 midterm elections, and considering how bad the individual mandate, which impacts far fewer people, has played out, that was a shrewd and well calculated political move on their part. The people affected negatively be damned.

Another example of these economy wrecking policies that the left knows will do just that being delayed to help donkeys at the polls was the EPA regulations delayed till after the 2012 elections to protect demcorats. I have read some people out there that are speculating that the EPA has been sitting on another ream of economy crushing bullshit green regulations they plan to enact into law until after the 2014 elections. Of course, the LSM has no desire to go there, it hurts their fellow ideologues, so we will not hear about it until after the fact.

Remember the XL pipeline? That’s not happened so a big democrat donor can keep making a killing. The minimum wage shit? What about the never ending cry for higher taxes on the rich, especially on estates, where that same big democratic donor stands to make a killing selling insurance to people with large estates, that is the core of the class warrior cultists? The resistance to fracking and the economic boon that has caused despite their meddling? The Dodd-Frank regulations? The hostility to wards small businesses in a slew of regulations? The list goes on and on. Those are but a few of the plethora of examples of economy crashing shit the Marxists have been up to, so anyone that sees the low numbers, yet again, would be totally justified to attribute them to the collectivist policies.

And some are actually doing just that. The 0.1% number happened, not because of an unusual winter, but because the economy is being strangled by the stupid and destructive policies of the class warrior credentialed elites. Note that these are also preliminary numbers. I bet they try hard to push them up, but I bet, based on past history, that this get revised down, and I would not be surprised to see a contraction. Queue CM and his fellow Keynesian idiots to tell us we need more government spending, because that’s how you counter policies pushed by said government that crush the economy. In the mean time, connected people and democrats make a financial windfall. But that’s just coincidental.

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  1. Thrill

    Hmm. The Soviet Union was known to claim that bad winters were responsible for their food shortages….for 70 winters. How did that work out for them?

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  2. TxAg94

    Hmm. The Soviet Union was known to claim that bad winters were responsible for their food shortages….for 70 winters. How did that work out for them?

    Funny, given Putin’s latest resurgence and swagger, and the West’s unwillingness and self-induced inability to counter him, I’m not so sure we can answer that question yet.

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